Log Horizon 2: Episode 15 – “A New Journey”

Log Horizon 2 is the second season of the Log Horizon anime series. Log Horizon tells the tale of what happens when players of the MMORPG game, Elder Tale, mysteriously find themselves actually inside the game after the 12th expansion, “Novasphere Pioneers,” is added. The main character of the series is Shiroe, and he is joined by his two companions Naotsugu and Akatsuki. As the first season progressed, Shiroe helped to establish alliances between guilds by forming the Round Table, helped to introduce commerce and new ideas to the game’s world, and he even formed his own guild called Log Horizon which included many of Shiroe’s friends as its members.

Of course, not everything went smoothly. The Round Table found itself entangled in issues involving the People of the Land and the nobles, as well as taking on goblin forces that attacked and caused chaos.

Episode 15 opens with Isuzu at her part-time once-a-week job, where she performs on her lute and sings at an establishment. She is accompanied by Tohya on drums. We actually get to hear Isuzu sing, and it was awesome to discover that she was performing an acoustic version of the ending theme for the first season of Log Horizon. I thought that was a nice touch.

This episode also gives the audience an insight into Isuzu and her backstory. She had an interest for music in the real world, but wonders if she’s truly as talented as the others in the guild say that she is. We also learn how Isuzu felt lost after being rescued from Hamelin and how finding a lute around the Crescent Moon Alliance guild’s headquarters gave her a purpose. I really appreciated getting all of this information for Isuzu, because she was one of the characters that the audience really knew little about prior to now. Through a conversation Isuzu has with Tohya, we also learn that Tohya tried playing soccer in the real world even though he wasn’t very good at it. While we didn’t get as much insight into Tohya as we did for Isuzu, I still appreciated what we were given for him as well.

Shiroe decides to send Tohya, Minori, Isuzu, Rudy, and Serara on a quest to acquire the items needed for Dazaneg’s Magic Bag. A lot of the episode focuses on this group as they make their preparations for going on the quest. This includes several humorous scenes, all of which involve the other members of Log Horizon trying to look out for the younger members. This includes them checking up on the younger members as they work on packing, showing up as they shop for weapons, or accompanying them as they go to buy a carriage.

But one of the most amusing scenes had to be when the girls in the party go into a shop to look at whistles to summon beasts with. A sign says not to blow the whistles in the store, but Serara gets carried away in a fantasy she has about Nyanta getting a whistle to summon a pegasus for her and accidentally blows the whistle she has in her hand. This summons a whole bunch of gloopy-looking green creatures and the sheer amount of them causes the creatures to push out of the store’s windows. Oops! This was both amusing and a little facepalm inducing, but I personally found this to be the most amusing of the humorous scenes in the episode.

But with all off the coddling the older members of Log Horizon do during the episode, it was refreshing to see Shiroe advising the members going on the quest to try to worry about things and solve them the best they can rather than using telepathy to contact Shiroe and the others. At least Shiroe recognizes that he can’t coddle these younger members forever and sees the quest as a way for them to improve their skills and a chance to become stronger.

While I like these particular characters and I’m looking forward to seeing how their quest progresses, I’m also a little frustrated. After such emphasis was placed on the character of Kanami and her backstory in Episode 14, it’s a little disappointing that she appears to be getting dropped for now to focus on this storyline. I’m hoping that maybe Minori and the others will somehow encounter Kanami while they’re out on their quest. Otherwise, I can’t really explain why an episode was devoted to Kanami at this point unless it was simply meant to follow up the reference that was made to her in Episode 13.

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