The 43rd issue of Ichijinsha’s Zero Sum Ward magazine has announced that Kazuya Minekura’s Wild Adapter manga is on hiatus due to the creator’s poor health. The issue featured the series on its cover but the scheduled installment of the manga did not appear. The magazine’s editorial department apologized to readers and says that Minekura plans to resume the manga in the next issue that will be released on March 16, 2015.

Ichijinsha slowed the serialization of Minekura’s Wild Adapter manga in 2013 due to her health. The manga has already resumed after a separate hiatus earlier that year. Minekura also had to go on hiatus from her manga work in late 2010 for surgery.

Wild Adapter launched in Tokuma Shoten’s bimonthly Chara magazine in 2001, but switched publishers to Ichijinsha in 2011. Tokyopop published six volumes of the manga before closing its North American publishing division.

Source: ANN