Vertical Comics has announced that the company has acquired the license for Hajime Segawa’s Tokyo ESP manga series. The manga is scheduled for a Fall 2015 release in a 2-in-1 omnibus format, with details to be announced at a later date.

Tokyo ESP is described as:

Rinka Urushiba is a fairly normal high school girl, though she is poor and her only family is her father. This forces her to work as a waitress after high school to secure rent and food. One day, she sees a penguin and glowing fish swimming through the sky. Rinka at first thought it was a hallucination, had there not been another witness with her, a boy from her school with a strangely scratched-up face. Contact with a fish causes her to pass out, and when she awakens, she has developed the power to move through inanimate objects such as the floor of her apartment. She then meets a fellow high school student named Kyotaro Azuma, who has the ability to teleport. The two of them then use their ESP powers to take on individuals who have decided to use them for evil. However, there is also an organization that plans for a bigger scheme to secure utopia with their ranks consisting of strong ESP fighters and users.

Source: Crunchyroll