Manga Review: 07-Ghost Volume 14

Teito Klein is a former slave with amnesia who learns that he was once the prince of the Raggs Empire, which was destroyed by the Barsburg Empire. He’s been at the Barsburg Empire’s military academy because he has an ability to use a rare supernatural power called Zaiphon. Also, unknown to Teito, he harbors the Eye of Mikael, which is an artifact that’s said to bring either the world’s salvation or destruction.

Teito finds himself on the run when he learns the truth about his past, and is attacked by Chief of Staff Ayanami. He’s rescued by three bishops from the 7th District who provide Teito with sanctuary and help him to recuperate. Teito’s best friend, Mikage, finds him, but it turns out he was being used by the Barsburg Empire to try to bring Teito back.

07-Ghost Volume 14
Written by: Yuki Amemiya and Yukino Ichihara
Publisher: Ichijinsha
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: January 6, 2015

At the beginning of Volume 14, we see Ayanami trying to break the lock to the gate, but Mikael tries to resist. Unfortunately, Ayanami has a brain wave sent that causes fear every time Mikael refuses to obey, so Teito returns to being brainwashed. Fortunately, Ayanami is unable to break the final lock on Pandora’s Box. I felt a sense of relief when Ayanami failed, but I also found myself a little concerned about what Ayanami might try to pull in order to get what he wants.

Teito is then given the job of escorting Princess Roseamanelle at her birthday party ball, disguised as one of her suitors. It’s suspected that there are assassins out to kill her. But in order to disguise as a suitor, he cannot remain a combat slave. It’s revealed that Chairman Miroku has been trying to adopt Teito for a while, which works in their favor. During this section, there’s a short, yet amusing scene, of Teito practicing how to dance with Hakuren. Later, we see Hakuren trying to help Teito regain his memories. Unfortunately, just as Teito may be starting to remember, Ayanami’s control blocks those memories from coming back. As we see throughout this volume, there’s a running theme of people trying to help Teito regain his memory.

The night of the Roseamanelle’s party ends up being a chaotic one. Not only does Teito go to the ball, the priests launch their plan to rescue Teito. Teito rescues the princess from a group of assassins, and she recognizes him from when he had saved her in District 4. Unfortunately, Teito has no memory of this. Roseamanelle is determined to help Teito remember his past, but the arrival of another assassin puts an end to it. Teito gets into a fight with the masked assassin and seems to be sure that he knows him. The assassin kidnaps Teito.

The priests also find themselves in a battle and are ultimately defeated. Since the priests’ battle and Teito’s battle were intercut, I have to admit that I was a little confused the first time I read through this section of Volume 14. I had to look over that section another two or three more times to figure out which parts of it belonged to which fight. There’s a lot of action that takes place here, so it all kind of blends together and helps to create the confusion I had.

The remainder of the volume sees Teito finally able to break through Ayanami’s block and remember his past. He also reunites with the princess, and they both learn some shocking truths about her. Volume 15 will more than likely have a focus on the aftermath of his discovery, and it could also possibly reveal more information about her and the Eye of Rafael as well.

Luckily, I didn’t have to deal with a big gap again like I did when I read Volume 13. Because of that, I had a little better understanding of what was going on in Volume 14 when I started it. But like I stated earlier, the fight scenes of Teito and the priests were a little hard to follow and distinguish which panels went with which one, but that was more due to the presentation than it was to not knowing what happened between Volumes Three and 12 of 07-Ghost.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading Volume 14. It was an exciting read, and I liked how the story kept building throughout it. I found myself wishing that Teito would find a way to overcome Ayanami’s control, and I nearly cheered when he finally did near the end of this volume. I also enjoyed getting a little more information on the princess, since I hardly know anything about her due to the large skip I had to make in order to review Volume 13. I have to find some time at some point to read the volumes that I’ve missed, because I think it would really help me to enjoy what I’m reading even more than I already am.

If you’ve been reading and enjoying the 07-Ghost manga series, then I think you’ll also enjoy reading Volume 14.

The review was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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