World Trigger: Episode 12 – “A-Rank Agents of Tamakoma”

World Trigger is set in Mikado City, where a “gate” to a different world opens one day and monsters known as Neighbors start appearing from it. Earth’s weapons don’t work against these monsters, but a mysterious group appears and starts fighting against the Neighbors. The group, known as the Border defense agency, creates a defense system against the Neighbors that emerge from the gates. Four-and-a-half years later, a 15-year-old boy named Osamu meets a strange boy named Yuma. Osamu is secretly a member of Border while Yuma turns out to be a Neighbor.

Episode 12 starts with decisions being made in regards to what kind of position Chika should have while working for Border. Just as those decisions are made, three new characters are introduced: Kirie Konami, Reiji Kizaki, and Kyosuke Karasuma. They are three of the A-Rank agents at the Tamakoma branch, and they are given the responsibility of mentoring the new recruits to help get them ready for the upcoming official enlistment date. As part of this, they can compete in ranking tournaments in order to compete with other C-Rank members to try to move up to B-Rank.

While this episode was important for advancing the story, it ended up being bogged down with a lot of exposition. For the most part, there really wasn’t much in the way of action. There were a couple of scenes that could have had action in them if they had been focused on. Instead, the decision was made to just start a couple of training battles, and then jumping ahead to what happened at the end of them. To me, this felt like a wasted opportunity. We just start seeing some action right at the end of the episode when it suddenly stops in order to conclude the episode.

Of the three new characters, it felt like the main one who was developed was Konami. By the end of the episode, I didn’t feel as if I’d gotten any real development for either Reiji or Kyosuke. For Kyosuke, though, my favorite moment with him was when he discovered he was wrong about Chika when he finds she’s still practicing hours later and still has stamina to go.

For the most part, there really isn’t much to say about this episode, since it had such a strong focus on exposition for both the new characters that were introduced and the various concepts that were being introduced throughout the story. But from the preview for Episode 13, it looks like there might actually be action involved. Kido hasn’t given up trying to capture Yuma’s Black Trigger, and the preview indicates that Jin could see some action.

The only other thing I’ll say about this episode is the fact that Episode 12 was a bit of a disappointment after watching Episode 11 and thinking how much of an improvement it had been over the previous 10 episodes. Sadly, Episode 12 ended up returning to the pacing and feel of the earlier episodes.

It should be noted that there won’t be a writeup for World Trigger on my blog next week, because that’s when Episode 13 will be streaming for Crunchyroll’s premium users. So the next episode writeup for World Trigger should be appearing on my blog on January 20, 2015.

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