2014 In Review: Milestones for the Blog

Overall, 2014 was an incredible year for the Lesley’s Musings… on Anime & Manga blog. Here are the milestones, both good and bad, that the blog experienced over the past year:

  • The blog broke 1,000 followers in 2014. Thank you to everyone who follows and reads this blog!
  • The blog had its highest amount of traffic in one day in November 2014. Whether you’re a regular visitor, you come by every once in a while, or have only ever made one visit to this blog, I thank you for coming and checking it out.
  • I began receiving press releases and review copies from VIZ Media in 2014, which has helped me to be able to publish reviews of current releases much faster and easier than before. A big thank you to Erik Jansen at MediaLab for making this possible!
  • I also came to the realization during the Summer 2014 anime season that trying to watch and write about 12 anime series a season was just more than I could take on. It especially became apparent in the decline in quality for the writeups I was posting that season. Starting with Fall 2014, I cut back to seven anime series a season. So far, it appears that cutting down the amount of series I was watching and writing about has helped to make a different. The quality of the episode writeups seems to be starting to improve, and I hope that they can improve even more over the course of 2015.

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year, and I’m looking forward to what 2015 has in store!

Additional 2014 In Review post:

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