Sailor Moon Crystal: Episode 12 – “Act.12 ENEMY – QUEEN METALIA -“

Sailor Moon Crystal is a remake of the original Sailor Moon anime series that began airing in Japan in 1992. Unlike the original anime series, Sailor Moon Crystal aims to remain as faithful to the original manga source material as much as possible. While this new series utilizes more modern animation techniques, the character designs try to retain as much of the early 1990’s look as it possibly can.

Episode 12 continues the confrontation in the control room that started in Episode 11. The Sailor Guardians transport themselves, Mamoru, and Queen Beryl to a new location in order to protect the control room. In their new location, Queen Beryl captures the Sailor Guardians with her hair, but Sailor Venus is able to summon the sword that’s used to protect Sailor Moon and cut them free from Beryl’s hair.

Together, Sailor Moon uses the sword, with help from the other Sailor Guardians, to destroy Queen Beryl’s necklace. This brings about Beryl’s end. But before she dies, we see a brief flashback of Beryl following Endymion around before she turned herself over to Queen Metalia and becoming her servant. In some respects, it’s a little disappointing that we didn’t get this backstory earlier, because I think it really would have added something and helped the audience better understand Queen Beryl’s motivation.

Unfortunately, Metalia still retains control over Mamoru, and he grabs the sword as he’s ordered to. Sailor Moon chases him, and they both end up in the Dark Kingdom. The other Sailor Guardians follow, and the remainder of the episode sees Sailor Moon in a conflict with Mamoru, while the Sailor Guardians are in a conflict with Jadeite, Zoisite, Kunzite, and Nephrite. During both encounters, the girls are desperately trying to help the guys remember who they really are. And both encounters end with a shocking turn of events.

While it may not sound like it from what I wrote above, a lot actually happens over the course of Episode 12. As the episode progresses, the stakes keep getting higher and higher. It also becomes obvious that the climax of this story arc will be coming sooner rather than later. This suspicion is confirmed by the preview for Episode 13, both by the content of the preview and by the title for the next episode.

So we’ve almost made it through the first story arc of Sailor Moon Crystal, which means that the second story arc will be getting going with Episode 14 when it airs the third Saturday of January 2015. This first story arc has been told in a straightforward way without stumbling off onto any filler side stories, which I’ve greatly appreciated. I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll repeat it again: the main weakness for Sailor Moon Crystal is the fact that it only airs twice a month. It would be a much stronger series if the episodes were airing closer together.

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  1. Syn_Sunflower · December 20, 2014

    Omgosh I just finished watching posting about this episode ….you write so well! Love the post. So happy to see there are other bloggers into the same thing! Can’t wait for episode 13!

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