Episode 10 takes place over summer vacation, and it focuses on Jurai spending time with two of the girls on two different trips to Sealand. The first trip is the one that Jurai promised to make with Chifuyu in Episode Nine. Kuki comes along with the intention of trying to make Jurai look bad in front of Chifuyu so she’ll lose her interest in him. Kuki tries three different plans, but they all backfire and make Jurai look good. But with how the third plan fails, Kuki comes to realize that Jurai isn’t as bad as she thought he was. In fact, she seems to develop an interest in him and has potentially joined the harem. And after seeing this episode, it feels like Kuki has become a more important character than Mirei. Mirei may be featured in the credit sequences, but she’s hardly appeared and doesn’t seem to be a major player in the harem.

But the most important part of this storyline is a serious conversation that Jurai has with Kuki while Chifuyu takes a nap. He stresses to Kuki that she needs to stay friends with Chifuyu, since the members of the Literature Club will be graduating before too much longer and going their separate ways. When I see Jurai in these types of moments, it reinforces that he isn’t simply a one-dimensional character and that he can have his serious moments. It’s also refreshing to see that Jurai understands the reality of the situation and is trying to look out for Chifuyu like a big brother.

Later, Sayumi calls Jurai at the last minute, telling him to come with her to Sealand. She has a pair tickets to go there, and claims that her sister Maiya bailed on her. But as we later see, this is a plan that Sagami hatched to help Sayumi get together with Jurai. Sagami has made it so Sayumi has to wear a white bikini that he got for her, and then claims that if it gets wet it will become see-through. This is supposed to provide comedy, since we see Sayumi go to great lengths to make sure the bikini doesn’t get wet. Personally, I didn’t find it to be that amusing.

But it turns out Sagami had lied to Sayumi for his own entertainment purposes. She gets mad and decks him, then declares she will no longer be his puppet. I nearly wanted to cheer when I saw this happen. But Sagami does something after Sayumi leaves: he takes out his phone and calls someone named Naoe Hagiura, who is supposedly a former member of F. Unfortunately, nothing further is touched on the subject after Sagami makes his call.

The best part of this episode for me was seeing Mako from Kill la Kill swimming in the pool in the background during one of the scenes at Sealand. It’s always fun to catch references to other anime. There may have been some other references in the episode that I may have missed.

At this point, it appears that When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace is a harem series, and that the supernatural element was simply a plot device to bring these particular characters together for the harem. This seems to fall into the same category as Kanojo ga Flag wo Oratera, but the main difference is that the characters are much better developed and are more interesting in this series. While I may not be much of a fan of these harem series, I have to admit that When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace is one of the better ones that I’ve seen. It’s not bad for what it is.

From the preview for Episode 11, it looks like we’ll be seeing Jurai spending time with Hatoko over summer vacation. At this point, I’m really not expecting too much more from the overarching supernatural story arc, since there are only two episodes remaining for the series. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that is a harem series first and foremost. With this resignation, I’ll be trying to go into the final two episodes judging them more from a harem angle than the overarching story that supposedly exists.

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