When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace: Episode 9 – “Girls Approach”

When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace focuses on the five members of Senko High School’s Literary Club. Jurai Ando has a case of “chunibyo” (eighth grade syndrome), Tomoyo Kanzaki is bemused by Jurai’s antics, Hatoko Kurshikawa is a polite girl who takes Jurai’s antics seriously, Sayumi Takanashi is the club’s president, and Chifuyu Himeki is the niece of the advisor who hangs out with the club. One day, Jurai is pulling one of his antics and claiming that his arm’s hurt due to possessing a superpower. They’re all surprised when light suddenly manifests from Jurai’s hand and spreads across the Literary Club’s room. Six months later, they discover that student council president Mirei Kudo has also mysteriously acquired powers.

After making some serious progress on the overarching story in Episode Eight, that progress comes to a screeching halt in Episode Nine. There’s only one brief scene in this entire episode that focuses on the overarching story, and even then, that scene really did nothing to actually progress it.

Instead, Episode Nine focuses on the harem aspect to the point that it’s shoved into the viewer’s face. Tomoyo realizes she has feelings for Jurai, Hatoko tells Tomoyo about her own feelings for Jurai, Sayumi has an encounter with Sagami where he points out that he knows about her feelings for Jurai, and Chifuyu tells Kuki how she feels when she’s around Jurai.

A couple of things here. First, Sagami seems to insinuate during his scene with Sayumi that he’s not simply just a high school student; he keeps referring to himself as a “reader.” He offers Sayumi a deal to help her and Jurai get together. Well, this thing with Sagami seemed to come from completely out of nowhere, and I’m wondering if maybe he’s somehow affiliated with one of the groups involved in the Fairy War. Also, when Hatoko shares her feelings about Jurai with Tomoyo, she comes across as being extremely obsessed, almost to the point where she’d do almost anything to get rid of any competition so she can be Jurai’s “chosen one.”

I’m beginning to wonder if maybe this whole harem idea will end up having some kind of connection with the overarching story about the Fairy War. Could it be part of some machination of one of the sides to try to control the outcome? I’ll be very disappointed if the harem aspect doesn’t somehow tie directly in with the overarching story.

Also, this is yet another episode where the student council president is referenced but never actually makes an appearance. It makes me wonder if she was originally intended to be a more major character, but the story ended up evolving in a way where she couldn’t be a major player. Or perhaps she also has a tie with one of the sides of the Fairy War and will end up playing an important role in the final episodes of the series.

From what’s shown in the preview for Episode 10, it looks like the episode will continue focusing on the harem aspect of the series. With only two episodes remaining after that one, I’m almost afraid that the overarching story will have to be rushed in order to bring the series to its conclusion.

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