Chaika – The Coffin Princess – AVENGING BATTLE: Episode 9 – “The Throne That Invites War”

Chaika –The Coffin Princess- AVENGING BATTLE is the second season of the Chaika –The Coffin Princess- anime series. The first series followed a girl on the run named Chaika, who claims to be the daughter of Arthur Gaz, the deposed leader of the Gaz Empire. She’s trying to gather her father’s remains in order to give him a proper burial. However, her father’s remains are a very powerful source of magic fuel so being able to gather them is no easy task. Chaika is joined by two saboteurs named Toru and Akari, as well as by a dragoon named Fredrica. It’s revealed during the first series that there are a lot of girls running around who claim to be Chaika and are trying to gather Emperor Gaz’s remains. However, the Chaika we know strongly insists that she’s the real one.

Episode Nine ultimately breaks up into storylines for three groups of characters: Red Chaika and David, Gillette Squad, and Toru, Akari, and Fredrica. Red Chaika and David’s storyline intersects briefly with Toru, Akari, and Fredrica’s storyline when Red Chaika and David run into Toru and Akari as they go to hand over their remains in order to free Chaika from being Hartgen’s prisoner. But after this encounter, Red Chaika and David seem to disappear. I hope they’ll make some kind of a surprise appearance in Episode 10. At this point, I don’t know how they would do that, but it would be nice to see.

After Gillette Squad reunites and can establish communication with the Kliemann Organization, they are given the mission of trying to stop the floating fortress taken by the illegal alliance to attack the Principality of Hartgen. Their storyline intersects with Toru and Akari when they’re all in Hartgen’s throne room.

And everything comes to a head in the throne room after Toru and Akari hand over the remains. There’s actually a rather surprising event that happens here that involves Black Chaika, which sets in motion what happens for the rest of the episode. Hartgen learns that he’s been duped and used, the truth about Guy and Chaika is revealed, and Arthur Gaz is reincarnated! Once the revelations started coming, they basically didn’t stop for the remainder of the episode. Even if the preview for Episode 10 hadn’t blatantly stated that it would be the final episode of the series, it would be easy to tell with how many revelations and events took place over the course of Episode Nine that the end is near. For the most part, I hadn’t guessed the revelations that were made in this episode, so a lot of this surprised me just as much as it did the characters.

It appears that Episode 10 is headed for a major conclusion, and it’ll be interesting to see how this story ultimately comes to an end. With what I’ve seen up to this point, I have a hard time seeing any way for a third season to potentially happen, especially with the overarching story of Chaika and the remains not having anywhere else it can truly go. But, who knows? Maybe some new element could be introduced that could somehow continue the series.

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