Sailor Moon Crystal: Episode 11 – “Act.11 REUNION – ENDYMION”

Sailor Moon Crystal is a remake of the original Sailor Moon anime series that began airing in Japan in 1992. Unlike the original anime series, Sailor Moon Crystal aims to remain as faithful to the original manga source material as much as possible. While this new series utilizes more modern animation techniques, the character designs try to retain as much of the early 1990’s look as it possibly can.

Episode 11 sees Mamoru, under Queen Beryl’s command, returning to Earth. Beryl has given him the power to use hypnotic suggestion, which he uses to make Furuhata believe that he’s his best friend, Endo.

Usagi, meanwhile, feels distraught over Mamoru’s disappearance. When she encounters Mamoru at the arcade but is introduced to him as Endo, she finds herself feeling confused and conflicted. In her distraught state, Usagi refuses to listen when Luna tries to help her.

Quite a bit of the episode focuses on Usagi’s feelings of confusion. The viewer starts feeling sorry for her, especially since the viewer knows that Endo is really Mamoru. Readers of the manga know what’s ultimately going to happen, but new viewers may start fearing the worst.

Unfortunately, the other Sailor Senshi are caught up in the situation when Makoto tries to confront Mamoru and is put under hypnotic suggestion, which leads to a big showdown in the command center over who will have possession of the
“Legendary Silver Crystal.” Usagi is too confused to act at first, but it takes something happening to Luna to snap Usagi out of it. But just as it looks like everything will turn out all right, Queen Beryl makes an appearance…

Over the course of Episode 11, the ante feels like it’s being upped and that the story is heading for its climax. Of course, the appearance of Queen Beryl right at the end only reinforces this idea.

Compared to what I’ve seen of the original Sailor Moon anime, Usagi seems to go through much more of an emotional wringer here. I’m finding that I appreciate the more serious tone of Sailor Moon Crystal much more than the comedic and light-hearted feel of the original Sailor Moon anime. Also, the story of Sailor Moon Crystal feels a lot tighter and cohesive. Unfortunately, like I’ve said before, the twice a month schedule weakens the storytelling; but I suspect that once the entire series is available on home video, the flow will feel a lot stronger when you can watch the episodes a lot closer together.

The preview for Episode 12 shows that there’s going to be a major showdown that takes place with Queen Beryl, so it appears that this story is getting that much closer to concluding.

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