When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace: Episode 8 – “Holmgang Battle”

When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace focuses on the five members of Senko High School’s Literary Club. Jurai Ando has a case of “chunibyo” (eighth grade syndrome), Tomoyo Kanzaki is bemused by Jurai’s antics, Hatoko Kurshikawa is a polite girl who takes Jurai’s antics seriously, Sayumi Takanashi is the club’s president, and Chifuyu Himeki is the niece of the advisor who hangs out with the club. One day, Jurai is pulling one of his antics and claiming that his arm’s hurt due to possessing a superpower. They’re all surprised when light suddenly manifests from Jurai’s hand and spreads across the Literary Club’s room. Six months later, they discover that student council president Mirei Kudo has also mysteriously acquired powers.

Episode Eight primarily focuses on providing the backstory that’s needed to finally start having some understanding about the supernatural abilities that appear in the series. It turns out that Kiryuu, Tomoyo’s brother, is very involved with the situation. While he isn’t the one providing the powers, he’s still a player behind the scenes. It’s revealed that there’s a Fairy War going on, and that humans are being given powers to fight each other for the fairies’ enjoyment. There seem to be two factions when it comes to the fairies, and that a faction known as “F” is fighting against the war. A fairy named Litia gives Kiryuu the task of crushing “F.”

Admittedly, it was hard pinpointing where this part of the story is taking place at first. But when a scene we saw earlier in the series shows up, where Jurai talks with Kiryuu in a restaurant, it indicated that what was being seen took place in the past. When Kiryuu and his group, Fallen Black, go to take down F and their trump card, “System,” they are surprised by what they find. It’s even more surprising what happens with System at the end of this scene.

The episode jumps ahead in time a couple of weeks, and ultimately returns to where Episode Seven had ended. Kiryuu has injured his eye, and asks Hitomi to hypnotize the healer in Jurai’s group and bring her to him. She made a mistake and hypnotized Hatoko. This explains why Hatoko had unexpectedly wandered off to a city she’s never seen before.

Jurai and the Literature Club are primarily focused on near the end of the episode, and Sayumi is shown trying to awaken her ability’s next stage in order to bring Hatoko back. After Sayumi succeeds in bringing Hatoko back, there are some important developments in regards to some of the Literature Club characters. With these developments, it appears that Jurai may finally be getting a clue to the fact that Hatoko has feelings for him. Also, it was good to see Tomoyo finally admit to the others about her dream of becoming a light novel author in order to help Hatoko better understand what had been going on between her and Jurai before Hatoko had run off.

While it was great to finally get the backstory and background information to bring various elements of the series together, it’s a little frustrating that this information wasn’t revealed until this late in the series. Too bad they couldn’t find a way to start introducing some of this information earlier, especially since the early part of Episode Eight was bogged down by so much exposition. There was a lot of information being thrown at the viewer in a short amount of time, and the sheer amount of information being presented could make it hard to digest at times. But even with that complaint, I’m still glad to see that the overarching story is finally being developed and fleshed out. However, I want to learn more about “F” and see them become an integral part of the story. Hopefully the remaining episodes of When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace will make sense and be able to bring the story to a satisfactory conclusion.

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