Episode Eight starts bringing everyone and everything in the series together into one location. Vivi and Nikolai, as well as Chaika and Toru, are taken out of the tournament due to rules violations and made to head to an area that turns out to be an arena. This is also where Red Chaika and David were sent during Episode Seven. The Black Chaika, flanked by the other two Black Chaikas, oversees what’s going on. As we see over the course of the episode, the Black Chaika can be rather twisted.

The other members of the Kliemann Organization escape their imprisonment and find one of Hartgen’s former retainers in a cell. This leads to a somewhat lengthy exposition scene that explains why Hartgen is acting the way he is and the influence of the Black Chaika. Basically, it turns out that Hartgen has somehow become possessed after beheading Emperor Gaz and now Hartgen wants to become the second Emperor Gaz. That certainly explains why an elite hero now wants the world to be back in a state of war, as well as for why he’s acting insane!

As expected, Vivi and Nikolai run into Gillette, but he doesn’t recognize them. Gillette is ordered to attack them, and Vivi has a hard time fighting back at first. But just as it seems that Gillette is going to kill Nikolai, it’s up to Vivi to stop Gillette. It was surprising to see her act in the way that she does here, considering her feelings for Gillette. However, it’s her actions that help Gillette regain his memory of not only her but of his squad as well. This was such a bittersweet scene, but hopefully everything will turn out all right for Gillette.

Then Chaika and Toru are forced to battle against Red Chaika and David. After a short bit, Chaika and Toru manage to knock down their opponents. Apparently, the sting of defeat was too much for Red Chaika, because she declares her loss and says that she’s quitting. I hadn’t expected that kind of a reaction from Red Chaika, so that totally caught me off-guard. Unfortunately, the victory is short lived when Toru’s mentor, Shin, appears with Akari and Fredrica as hostages. The episode ends with Toru and Shin battling against each other as Chaika is taken prisoner.

With the way Episode Eight progressed, it seems safe to say that the reports of Chaika –The Coffin Princess- AVENGING BATTLE only having 10 episodes are accurate. So much information was revealed and various elements started coming together here that trying to make this series last for more than 10 episodes would only weaken it because the story would have to somehow be stretched out.

At the end of this episode, Shin tells Toru that he isn’t cut out to be a saboteur. Could this be a catalyst for Toru to finally take Fredrica up on her offer of making a contract with her and becoming a dragoon cavalier? Considering this idea was brought up during the end of the first season and the beginning of this season, it’s hard to believe that nothing will come from it. It would just be awkward to throw that out there and then never do anything with it. And considering how desperate the situation has become, it seems logical that Toru could seriously consider Fredrica’s offer.

It appears everything is in place to tie the loose ends together and bring this story to a close. It’ll be interesting to see what’s going to happen during the remaining episodes of the series.

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