Episode Seven opens with Toru and Akari trying to find the remains in the castle. Instead of finding the remains, they find their mentor, Shin, guarding the castle. While he never outright tells them, they realize that Shin is working for Hartgen. As Toru points out later, Shin’s being there creates an issue for him and Akari when it comes to stealing the remains. I’m very interested in seeing if Akari and Toru can manage to defeat Shin and whether or not their group will be able to get their hands on the remains that Hartgen has.

It’s also revealed that Guy has been helping Hartgen all this time, and Guy takes Niva to him. Well, at least for now I don’t have to worry about Niva serving as a “deus ex machina” for Chaika and the others. But could she potentially do something that Hartgen and Guy don’t expect because of her exposure to Chaika? Also, is Guy truly working for Hartgen, or is Guy the actual mastermind? I would find it to be an interesting plot twist if Guy were to betray Hartgen somehow.

We also see that there’s dissension within the ranks of the Council of Six Nations, with two of the members wanting to act on their own and take on Hartgen. At this point, I’m going to guess that they’ll try to pull off their plan but that they’ll find themselves defeated. And if they are defeated, I’d guess it would be through Niva being used as a Gundo.

But most of the episode focuses on the tournament that Hartgen is holding. During the tournament, Nikolai and Vivi run into Chaika and Toru, and they start talking and comparing notes. Unfortunately, no truce is called, but at least both sides have a little more information to work with than they had before encountering each other. We also see Fredrica and Akari working together in the tournament, although their ultimate goal is to find a way into the castle and getting a hold of the remains. But I have a suspicion that Fredrica and Akari will run into either Shin or Gillette, or both, as they try to get to the remains. And I also believe that at some point here, Vivi will run into Gillette during the tournament.

And during the tournament, we see Red Chaika and David being forced into a tunnel and taken away from the tournament because of Selma using her Gundo to try to find the location of the remains. But as the audience knows, Hartgen knows the Chaikas are there and wants to find ways to get them to fight with each other.

There’s one other revelation: there are actually three Black Chaikas with Hartgen and not two as we had previously thought. As we see, this third Black Chaika has an agenda of her own. This third Black Chaika could potentially play an interesting role, since she doesn’t seem to be as attached to Hartgen as the other two are.

With the way the story’s been building, I feel safe in saying that the remaining three episodes of the series will focus on this tournament. Whether or not there could potentially be a third season will depend on how this storyline is resolved. But as of right now, it seems to me that the signs are pointing to the story wrapping up with this series. And I’m definitely curious to find out what happens to the various Chaikas, what could happen if they interact, and how Niva will end up playing a role in the story. I really hope that this series will build up to an incredible climax and have a satisfying resolution for the viewer, because there’s so much potential due to the various elements that seem to be coming together in order for an incredible climax to happen.

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