Episode Six reveals the concept of Side Effects, which happens to high-level Trion users that enhance a human’s physical abilities. We learn that Jin has a Side Effect that allows him to see the future of the person nearest him at the time, and this is revealed when Jin takes Osamu to the Restricted Zone and finds Yuma there. When Jin saw Osamu at the meeting the previous day, he had a vision that he’d learn the reason for the abnormal gates at that location the next day.

Fortunately, Jin isn’t going to turn Yuma in for being a Neighbor. Apparently, Jin has been to the other world and knows there are good Neighbors, too. Jin’s ability also came in handy before going to the Restricted Zone, because he was able to keep Shuji and Yosuke, who are tailing Osamu, from finding out about Yuma and Replica. But from what I saw in the preview for Episode Seven, it looks like Shuji and Yosuke may find out the truth. But I have to say that Jin’s Side Effect is rather helpful and was put to good use here.

With Yuma and Replica’s help, it’s discovered that reconnaissance drones called Rads are behind the abnormal gates. Jin is able to get everything in place in order to take down all the Rads before the Trion barrier wears off. There’s a short montage sequence to show this happening. Unfortunately, the animators cut corners by simply using still shots and panning or tracking them to give the appearance of movement. We only see any action at the end of the montage sequence, when they’re down to the last Rad. Honestly, I think this would have been stronger if we could have seen the Border agents taking down the Rads instead of relying on still images.

Since Yuma can’t become a member of Border, Yuma and Jin both decide to give Osamu the credit for Yuma’s work for providing the information to take down the Rads. Osamu tries to object, but Jin says this will keep Osamu from being dismissed from Border.

Even though Chika is the character who appears in the title, she’s only seen briefly right at the very beginning of the episode, and then for only slightly over half the episode during the second half of it. Chika and Yuma are both waiting for someone at the same location, and Chika sees Yuma falling off a bike that he’s trying to figure out how to ride. We get to see an instance of reused footage here when Chika sees Yuma fall for a second time. But this was a nice scene overall, because it allowed the audience to see more of Chika. Also, the interactions between Chika and Yuma were nice to see.

But Chika runs off when an alarm sounds and heads to the Forbidden Zone. Yuma is able to save her before the Neighbor can get her, but it’s Osamu who takes down the Neighbor. In this scene, we see that Osamu is now a B-Rank agent. We also get to see him take down the Neighbor on his own. Even though Osamu did a good job taking down the Neighbor, we know he didn’t truly do what’s been claimed and earn the B-Rank. Will Border find out the truth at some point? And if they do, how do they handle it?

And the episode ends with Osamu telling Yuma that Chika is someone who attracts Neighbors. From the way Chika had been acting earlier, I had a suspicion that that was the situation. The preview for Episode Seven shows Replica and Yuma examining Chika, so I’m sure more information about her will be coming out sooner rather than later.

The series is slowly starting to become a little more interesting, but the pacing still feels a little on the slow side right now. And the cheap-looking animation and the animation shortcuts being used for the series doesn’t really help to sell the show. Hopefully the story will start becoming even more interesting and help to minimize the effect of the animation quality.

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