Manga Review: Pokemon Adventures Volume 25

Pokemon Adventures Volume 25 is a manga based on the Pokemon FireRed and Pokemon LeafGreen videogames. This manga volume was originally published in Japan in 2007. However, it wasn’t released in North America until VIZ Media’s Perfect Square imprint released this volume in 2014. This portion of Pokemon Adventures focuses on Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Silver.

Pokemon Adventures Volume 25
Written by: Hidenori Kusaka
Publisher: Shogakukan
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: November 4, 2014

Volume 25 sees Deoxys tracking down where Silver is for Giovanni. Carr, meanwhile, is upset about Silver being found, since being Giovanni’s son would make him next in line to lead Team Rocket. Apparently. Carr’s been coveting that position for a while. Carr rebels and causes problems for everyone later in the volume.

This volume includes several surprises for the characters. Silver finally learns who his father is, and the way his reaction is drawn to learning this, I swear it looks as if poor Silver’s brain broke. This volume also sees Red not only learning how Deoxys came to be, he also learns that the two of them share a connection. Mew also makes a surprise appearance during Volume 25.

There’s also quite an epic battle between Deoxys and Mewtwo. I really liked how Kusaka kept changing which side seemed to have the upper hand for a while, so it left me guessing as to which Pokemon would ultimately prevail.

And when Carr takes over Team Rocket’s airship with the intent of crashing it into Vermilion City, it’s up to Red to try to save the day. I have to say that not only this portion of the story, but the whole volume in general, ended up being a rather intense read. I was getting so engrossed in what was going on that I didn’t want to put the volume down. At a little over 250 pages, it was a longer read for a Pokemon manga, but it had a lot going on in it. The story just moves so much over the course of this volume that there really was no good way to split it into two volumes. It’s very action-packed, and a lot happens to progress the story. But that ending… oh my God, what a cliffhanger!

There’s also some very powerful art in Volume 25, and this is especially true for the panels that include close-ups of characters’ reactions. As I’ve read more and more Pokemon Adventures volumes that feature the art by Satoshi Yamamoto, I feel that I can say with a lot of certainty that close-ups are a strong point for him as an artist. My only real complaint with the art is the top panel on page 258. Red has his back to us and he isn’t wearing a shirt. With how he’s drawn here, he looks so thin and scrawny that it almost looks like he could easily be snapped in half.

From what I understand, Volume 26 will be introducing a new character but will ultimately continue the story in this portion of Pokemon Adventures. But when it comes to that cliffhanger, all I can say is, what a way to end the volume!

If you’ve read the various volumes of the Pokemon Adventures series and enjoyed them, I expect that you’ll also enjoy reading the story that’s presented in this story arc. And I think that long-time readers of this series will enjoy seeing Silver finally learning the truth, as well as reading some of the revelations that appear in Volume 25.

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