Episode Six sees three groups heading toward the Principality of Hartgen, which is ruled by one of the eight heroes that took down Emperor Gaz. Guy tells both Chaikas’ groups about the king of Hartgen having some of Gaz’s remains in order to spur them on to head to Hartgen. Both groups learn that the remains are a prize for an upcoming “to the death tournament,” and both are determined to enter. And as we learn later in the episode, there are a lot of reasons to not trust Guy. In fact, it’s starting to appear more and more that he is somehow the mastermind behind everything that’s going on.

The third group is the Gillette Squad, which is ordered to go to Hartgen after they discover the ruins of the lab on the island and determine what happened. In their case, the Alliance of the Six Nations is sending them there to investigate if the tournament is a way for Hartgen to build up his army. During their investigation, they discover that Hartgen’s two “daughters” appear to be Black Chaikas. If that’s the case, what might happen to them if they encounter any of the other Chaikas?

The audience also gets a surprise when the action moves into Hartgen: Gillette is still alive! We learn that Guy is the one who saved him from the attack at the end of the first season, and that it appears that Gillette has amnesia. At this point, Gillette is working as a bodyguard for Hartgen. As part of their infiltration into Hartgen, Vivi and Nikolai are disguised as participants in the tournament. Now knowing that Gillette is still alive and is in Hartgen, I can imagine how Vivi will react if she sees him. But with her changed appearance, Gillette probably wouldn’t recognize her, even if he didn’t have amnesia. I can only imagine how crushed Vivi would end up being if Gillette doesn’t recognize her.

Since it appears that there are only four episodes remaining, it looks like this season will ultimately reach its climax in Hartgen. There were enough hints dropped in this episode to suggest that major events should be happening sooner rather than later. It’ll be interesting to see whether or not I’m right as I watch these last few weeks of the series.

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