When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace: Episode 5 – “Sensitive Age”

When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace focuses on the five members of Senko High School’s Literary Club. Jurai Ando has a case of “chunibyo” (eighth grade syndrome), Tomoyo Kanzaki is bemused by Jurai’s antics, Hatoko Kurshikawa is a polite girl who takes Jurai’s antics seriously, Sayumi Takanashi is the club’s president, and Chifuyu Himeki is the niece of the advisor who hangs out with the club. One day, Jurai is pulling one of his antics and claiming that his arm’s hurt due to possessing a superpower. They’re all surprised when light suddenly manifests from Jurai’s hand and spreads across the Literary Club’s room. Six months later, they discover that student council president Mirei Kudo has also mysteriously acquired powers.

Episode Five opens with a gag featuring Jurai bringing a guitar into the club room. Chifuyu demands that he give the guitar to her, and he repeatedly says no. She uses her power to create a copy and forces him to play a game to guess which one is the real one. After watching the episode, this basically felt like an excuse to set up what happens next rather than truly adding anything to the story. That’s something I’ve been noticing recently about this series. A scene with some kind of gag opens an episode, and it ends up serving as a way to set up and lead into the story that’s being told. However, the gag itself doesn’t really add anything. With this particular gag, I ended up being able to predict what happened before I actually saw the ending.

The rest of the episode focuses on Tomoyo and Jurai. Jurai accidentally leaves his bag in the club room. When he goes to get it, he finds Tomoyo practicing being a chunibyo. He also accidentally discovers that she’s secretly trying to write light novels. This scene shows once again that Jurai can be serious when he needs to be, and he’s serious when talking with her about her light novel aspirations. This scene also shows that both of these characters aren’t always the character types that they’re portrayed to be. I’m not sure that this will be a theme that runs through all the characters of the series, or if it’s only going to be for these two characters. But it’s nice seeing an attempt being made to try to create characters over simply relying on character types.

Later, when Jurai learns that Tomoyo had made it through the first round of the New Light Novel Author Award, he offers to take her somewhere to celebrate, since she’s trying to keep her interest a secret from the other club members. It was amusing to see Tomoyo freaking out over what to wear, while trying to tell herself that she shouldn’t be so worried about it and that this isn’t a date. Throughout this episode, it’s abundantly clear that Tomoyo likes Jurai but doesn’t want to admit this to herself or to drop any hints for Jurai to figure it out.

We see that Hatoko is also interested in Jurai, which was shown by Hatoko waiting for Jurai outside of school when he went back to get his bag even though he told her to go on without him. Through dialogue, we also hear about Hatoko going out places with Jurai. The final clincher is when Hatoko is out and about and sees Jurai together with Tomoyo. Her reaction makes it perfectly clear that she’s interested in him and is shocked to see him out with someone else from the literature club.

I’m coming to realize that while the title may play up the supernatural element of the series, it actually focuses much more on the characters, their interactions, and their relationships with each other. The supernatural powers seem to be more there as a concept that brings these characters together. While most of the characters with the powers are in the literature club, there’s at least one who isn’t. At this point, When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace seems to be shaping up to be more about Jurai having a group of girls interested in him than on the concept of supernatural battles. While I’ve liked seeing the story that’s building between the characters, I believe that the title is a little misleading. Also, it didn’t help that there have been a couple of hints dropped about some overarching story that doesn’t seem to be materializing at this point. I believe that the next episode is the halfway point of the series, and not a lot has been done with the overarching story that’s been hinted at.

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