Manga Review: 07-Ghost Volume 13

Teito Klein is a former slave with amnesia who learns that he was once the prince of the Raggs Empire, which was destroyed by the Barsburg Empire. He’s been at the Barsburg Empire’s military academy because he has an ability to use a rare supernatural power called Zaiphon. Also, unknown to Teito, he harbors the Eye of Mikael, which is an artifact that’s said to bring either the world’s salvation or destruction.

Teito finds himself on the run when he learns the truth about his past, and is attacked by Chief of Staff Ayanami. He’s rescued by three bishops from the 7th District who provide Teito with sanctuary and help him to recuperate. Teito’s best friend, Mikage, finds him, but it turned out he was being used by the Barsburg Empire to try to bring Teito back.

07-Ghost Volume 13
Written by: Yuki Amemiya and Yukino Ichihara
Publisher: Ichijinsha
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: November 11, 2014

Prior to reading Volume 13, I had only ever read the first volume of 07-Ghost. Even though I skipped ahead 12 volumes, I found I was able to piece things together from information and dialogue that’s revealed throughout Volume 13. I wasn’t anywhere near as lost as I was afraid I was going to be.

This volume sees Teito back with the Barsburg Empire and has forgotten what has happened to him since his escape from the academy. He believes that he is serving as Ayanami’s Begleiter. But as the scientists at the academy try to investigate the Eye of Mikael, it causes chaos with the machines. One of the three bishops has infiltrated the academy, but Teito has no memory of him. Also, when the bishop tries telling Teito that Mikage is dead, Teito doesn’t believe him.

General Oak dies, and this leads to Teito accompanying Ayanami and the others in command to the Oak house for the funeral. While he’s there, he learns that Mikage really is dead and that his family serves as stewards of the Oak family. Teito meets Mikage’s family, and Teito is instrumental in helping them out when they are attacked by a Warsfeil.

After reading Volume One, I mentioned in my review that I thought that 07-Ghost had an intriguing, yet complex story being woven for the series. After jumping ahead to Volume 13, I feel I can say with a little more certainty that my impression after reading Volume One seems to be right. Of course, reading ahead like this is making me want to go back and read Volumes Two through 12 in order to find out how exactly the story made it to this point as well as to discover what pieces of information and plot development I’m currently missing out on by jumping ahead. Also, with some information that’s revealed through a dream that Teito has, it makes me want to read Volume 14 in order to find out how this will affect the progression of the story. Of course, I should probably focus on the volumes in the series I haven’t read yet before moving on in the story.

If you’ve been reading 07-Ghost all the way from the beginning, I think you’ll enjoy reading Volume 13. My favorite part of this volume was Teito getting to meet Mikage’s family and learning just how much Mikage praised his friend to his family. I think long-time readers of this series will also enjoy getting to see this moment as well.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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