Yowamushi Pedal Grande Road: Episode 5 – “ROAD.5 The Three Kilometers to the Pharmacy”

Yowamushi Pedal Grande Road is the second season of the Yowamushi Pedal anime series. It continues the adventures of the Sohoku High School bicycle club and their rivals, Hakone Academy and Kyoto Fushimi High School. Specifically, this series focuses on the Inter-High race that all three teams are participating in.

At the beginning of Episode Five, Midousuji declares that he’s quitting Kyoto Fushimi’s team and that he’s riding back to Kyoto immediately. As Midousuji rides, Sakamichi runs into him as he’s riding to the closest pharmacy to pick up a couple of things that Kinjou requested. Sakamichi surprises Midousuji by talking to him, and it leads to the two of them racing each other to the pharmacy.

This meeting of Midousuji and Sakamichi seems to be an important component for character development for Midousuji. As he talks with Sakamichi, you see him still thinking “gross” and other such things, but his actions acknowledge Sakamichi. This causes a lot of confusion for Misousuji, but in the end, this chance meeting ultimately gives Midousuji the encouragement he needs to return to his team and race in the third day of the Inter-High. Also, it was nice to see an episode that had a focus on Sakamichi, since he did originally start out as the main character of the series. Over the course of the Inter-High, though, it almost feels as if Yowamushi Pedal has evolved into becoming more of an ensemble cast than focusing on Sakamichi as the main character.

The third day of the Inter-High also hits during this episode. However, we just see the various teams and racers getting ready for the upcoming race. The most important part of this section, though, is the introduction of the team from Hiroshima’s Kureminami Technical School, which is the one we’ve seen hints of in the opening and ending credits of the series.

We primarily get to meet their team captain, Machimiya Eikichi. He already shows that he’s an egotistical jerk, especially with how he tries to use Miki in order to psyche out Sohoku. I liked seeing how Miki rebuffed Machimiya. You go, girl!

Well, since Midousuji seems to be cleaning up his act, I guess they needed a new pompous team leader to annoy both Sohoku and Hakone Academy. While Midousuji still wants to win, I get the feeling that he’s going to be nowhere near as obsessed as he was during the first two days of the Inter-High.

So I’m guessing that the third day of the race will actually begin in Episode Six. But Episode Five was a nice reprieve from the Inter-High, which allowed the audience to catch its breath and get a short break before jumping back into the action of the race. At this point, it looks to me like most, if not all, of the remaining episodes will be focused on the third day of the Inter-High. At least from the previous season, I know to expect the race to be stretched out in order to fill time.

I’m interested in seeing what’s going to happen during the third day of the Inter-High, as well as to see what kind of new elements and dynamics that the introduction of the team from Hiroshima’s Kureminami Technical School will bring to the series.

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