Manga Review: 07-Ghost Volume Two

Teito Klein is a former slave with amnesia who learns that he was once the prince of the Raggs Empire, which was destroyed by the Barsburg Empire. He’s been at the Barsburg Empire’s military academy because he has an ability to use a rare supernatural power called Zaiphon. Also, unknown to Teito, he harbors the Eye of Mikael, which is an artifact that’s said to bring either the world’s salvation or destruction.

Teito finds himself on the run when he learns the truth about his past, and is attacked by Chief of Staff Ayanami. He’s rescued by three bishops from the 7th District who provide Teito with sanctuary and help him to recuperate. Teito’s best friend, Mikage, finds him, but it turned out he was being used by the Barsburg Empire to try to bring Teito back.

07-Ghost Volume Two
Written by: Yuki Amemiya and Yukino Ichihara
Publisher: Ichijinsha
English Publisher: Go! Media Entertainment, LLC
Release Date: March 2009

Volume Two sees Ayanami shedding the Mikage disguise and getting his hands on Teito. Ayanami puts a choker on Teito to keep him from disobeying. When Ayanami loosens a seal that’s on Teito, he loses consciousness while trying to save his own life. While unconscious, Teito is put into a possessed-like state and a consciousness that isn’t his own takes over his body. During this scene, it’s also revealed that Frau is also Zehel, one of the 07-Ghosts. Frau is able to drive off Ayanami, but Mikage is killed in the process.

I felt bad for Teito when Mikage was killed, since Mikage was the only friend that Teito has ever had. But we soon learn that Mikage’s soul has been reborn inside a small, furry dragon. According to Frau, this happened because Mikage wished to protect Teito, no matter what form he’s in.

During this volume, the bishops discover that Teito is the Eye of Mikael. With this knowledge, they offer him the chance to take the test to enter the clergy to help him get his revenge against Ayanami. The remainder of the volume sees Teito getting ready to take the exam, and encountering the sibling of one of his classmates who would tease him at the academy.

I have to admit that I was having a hard time following what was going during the confrontation between Ayanami and Teito. Actions are taking place so quickly that it could be hard to truly catch everything and to understand exactly what was happening. I tried re-reading that section two or three times, but I ultimately had to do some online research to finally piece everything together. Now that I understand everything that took place here, the story at that point makes a lot more sense and the actions that take place later in the volume also make sense.

So it’s looking like Volume Three is going to more than likely focus on Teito taking the test to try to become part of the clergy. Not only that, he has to deal with his former classmate’s sibling, who turns out to be just as stuck up and mean as his brother is. I’m really rooting for Teito to be able to show this guy up somehow and maybe even pass the test to become part of the clergy.

I’m hoping that once the characters, concepts, and story truly become established in this series that it will start to be a little less confusing. To me, it seemed that once the story moved on to Teito working on getting ready for the test, it started becoming a little easier to understand and follow. I’m expecting that future volumes will be better in that regard, and I hope that I’m right. I hope to be able to read more of this series at some point in the future, because the concept behind 07-Ghost is an interesting one.

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