Chaika – The Coffin Princess – AVENGING BATTLE: Episode 4 – “The Writhing Island”

Episode Four sees everyone converging on the island that supposedly has Gaz’s treasure. Chaika is separated from Fredrica and is captured by demi-humans working for Viktor Izhmash, the director of the Gaz Empire Institute of Magic. Red Chaika and her group are also captured and imprisoned by Viktor. Toru and Akari split forces, and Toru finds and frees Chaika while Akari finds Fredrica.

While they’re on the run, Toru and Chaika come across a Kraken, an old magical being who’s able to tell Chaika some of the truth about the Chaikas. I really liked seeing how, after hearing the Kraken’s explanation, Chaika thinks back to what Layla (the Blue Chaika she met who had changed her name) had said to her back in the first season. This flashback plays an important role later in the episode, when both of the Chaikas are taken to see Viktor and he reveals the remaining truth about the Chaikas.

With all of the revelations made in regards to the origin of the Chaikas, it makes sense why Chaika –The Coffin Princess- AVENGING BATTLE is only going to be 10 episodes. By making these big revelations right before what would be the halfway point, it’d be a lot harder to make this series last for 12 episodes without it feeling like it’s being stretched out.

But after learning that Gaz didn’t have a daughter and the Chaikas were all orphans who had false memories placed into them, it makes me wonder about Vivi. We know she’s an orphan who suddenly transformed into a Chaika after learning that Gillette had been killed, but how is it that she never actually transformed into a Chaika until later than the other girls had? I find this to be a rather fascinating idea, and it also makes me wonder if perhaps there are other girls in the same situation as Vivi. Hopefully the series will provide the audience with answers to these questions.

This episode also reveals that Viktor and his team have been working on a project that only Gaz knew how to activate. The project looks like a girl in a case, and it appears she may have a connection with the Chaikas somehow. Is this project the real reason why the Chaikas are supposed to be gathering Gaz’s remains? My guess is that this project is the “treasure” that Guy told the Chaikas about in order to lure them there for whatever purpose Viktor and his team has for them. I knew that Guy couldn’t be trusted!

By the end of this episode, there’s just as many new questions being asked as the questions that are being answered. I hope that Chaika –The Coffin Princess- AVENGING BATTLE is able to answer these new questions and tie up all the loose ends satisfactorily within the remaining six episodes.

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