Bandai Namco, ADK, and Aniplex Establish Anime Consortium Japan Streaming Service

Bandai Namco Holding inc., Asatsu-DK inc., and Aniplex inc. have announced that they will establish a joint company called Anime Consortium Japan, Inc. (ACJ). The company’s goal is to develop a new internet streaming platform for overseas markets along with an e-commerce business for official anime content.

The platform will simulcast new anime titles and stream older series in various languages. The company will launch on November 7, 2014 and expects to be in full operation by April 2015. Daisuki, Inc will merge with Anime Consortium Japan with funding by the Japanese government’s Cool Japan initiative. The initiative will invest one billion yen (which is about US$9.1 million) in the project.

Additional shareholders include Toei Animation, Sunrise, TMS Entertainment, Nihon Ad Systems, and Dentsu Inc. Bandai Namco Games’ executive vice president Shin Unozawa will serve as ACJ’s representative.

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