Log Horizon 2: Episode 3 – “The Abyssal Shaft”

Log Horizon 2 is the second season of the Log Horizon anime series. Log Horizon tells the tale of what happens when players of the MMORPG game, Elder Tale, mysteriously find themselves actually inside the game after the 12th expansion, “Novasphere Pioneers,” is added. The main character of the series is Shiroe, and he is joined by his two companions Naotsugu and Akatsuki. As the first season progressed, Shiroe helped to establish alliances between guilds by forming the Round Table, helped to introduce commerce and new ideas to the game’s world, and he even formed his own guild called Log Horizon which included many of Shiroe’s friends as its members.

Of course, not everything went smoothly. The Round Table found itself entangled in issues involving the People of the Land and the nobles, as well as taking on goblin forces that attacked and caused chaos.

The majority of Episode Three focuses on the raid that’s taking place in the Depths of Palm. And for the early part of the episode, there was a lot of exposition that was being provided by Shiroe about the raid and what their strategy was. The exposition was a little boring at times, but it was needed in order for the audience to understand what was going on. Over the course of the episode, we see them battling two raid bosses. However, the episode placed more focus on the battle against the first raid boss than on the second. These definitely were not decisive victories over the raid bosses, and these battles took some time. For the situation that’s going on, I found this to be very believable.

After spending three weeks in the raid dungeon and not encountering any more bosses, the raid party is starting to run out of supplies. During a period of rest, we get to see William reminisce about what happened to him and his guild after he departed the meeting that led to the formation of the Round Table. I really appreciated getting to see this, because it provided some backstory and character development for William, and it’s helped me to better understand not only the way he was during the brief time we saw him in the first season, but to also better understand where he’s coming from now.

During the lull, there’s also some focus placed on Demikas from the Brigandia guild. Prior to this point, we saw how he had absolutely no teamwork and would rush ahead on his own. We also get to see Demikas all pissed off about the fact that at one point during the raid, Demikas was saved by Shiroe. Instead of being grateful, Demikas viewed this as an insult. In his mind, he’s a strong warrior who doesn’t need help and is offended that the man who mocked him earlier on saved him. I’m still feeling rather convinced at this point that Demikas is going to be the one responsible for killing Shiroe during the raid, potentially in a fit of anger.

We got to see more of Tetra in this episode, and so far, there was really nothing here to make me like her any better than I did at the end of Episode Two. Hopefully she’ll end up redeeming herself somehow by the end of the series.

Near the end of the episode, we see Akatsuki and the others who are still in Akihabara getting ready for Christmas. Apparently, there’s a rumor going around about a new “Teachings” skill that appeared after the Apocalypse. Apparently, if you complete a high level raid, you can greatly improve the level of your techniques. When Akatsuki learns about this, she appears to be quite interested. From what I saw in the preview for Episode Four, it looks like there’s going to be a strong focus on Akatsuki, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the “Teachings” factor into it. And I also suspect that it’ll be during her quest for the “Teachings” that Akatsuki will be killed, especially since the end of the episode claims there’s only six days left until Christmas. Knowing that Shiroe and Akatsuki will be killed on Christmas Eve, that means the event is only five days away in the world of the show. Right now, I predict that Christmas Eve will probably take place in either Episode Five or Episode Six, especially with how much time was sped through during the course of this episode.

And right at the end of the episode, there’s a shadowy figure watching over Akihabara who says something rather foreboding. I don’t know if this may be one of the spies trying to infiltrate Akihabara that was referenced back in Episode Two, or if this is something else. Perhaps this is the person Akatsuki passed by during Episode Two who I thought could be a spy?

Outside of Tetra, I’m enjoying Log Horizon 2 and seeing how the story is progressing. I’ve also appreciated how this season has successfully brought back characters who had disappeared early on in the first season and has made them integral to the story. Their appearances here build perfectly off of what we saw of these characters back in the first season. I’m looking forward to seeing how both Shiroe’s storyline and Akatsuki’s storyline progress and reach the conclusion that we already know is coming.

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