The majority of Episode Two sees Jurai not trying to correct a misconception so he can come across as “cool.” The humor in the episode is derived from seeing the usually stern Mirei acting so goofy due to being in love. There’s also a humorous scene right at the beginning in the Literary Club room when Jurai is asking the girls to come up with superhero nicknames. The humor comes from Jurai’s reactions to the names that the girls come up with, since so few truly fall into the “cool superhero” category. While this scene served as the setup for Mirei coming into the club room, I personally thought that this particular gag had overstayed its welcome. It would’ve been stronger if it had been a little shorter.

It seems that for the most part, When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace is focusing on having characters fall into certain character types instead of developed personalities. However, at the end of the episode, we did get to see Jurai have a serious conversation with Tomoyo as he mulls over what happened in this episode. This was the most serious I’ve seen him up to this point, so I hope that this is a sign that maybe the writers will allow these characters to start to grow out of the character types that they currently are.

It appears that Episode Two was meant to be more of a character development episode than anything else. Not only were the superpowers never used in this episode, there was also nothing to tie back to the overarching story that was hinted at with the end of Episode One with the person watching from the shadows. Hopefully we’ll see some advancement in the overarching story soon, because I’d hate for this to end up being like Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara, which was a series that established an interesting premise but ended up putting more focus on the character types and the gags than on the actual overarching story.

Personally, I thought that Episode Two wasn’t quite as strong as Episode One had been. I’m hoping that maybe this was a temporary slump and that the series will return to the level that it had been at with Episode One.

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