Chaika – The Coffin Princess – AVENGING BATTLE: Episode 2 – “A Wizard’s Pride”

Episode Two sees Chaika, Toru and Akari trying to go up against Claudia, one of the eight heroes that fought against Emperor Gaz and has some of his remains. It takes a little while, but Chaika is eventually able to get a hit in on her. Claudia respects their agreement and turns over Gaz’s remains. In addition, Claudia also tells them about Gaz’s treasure that’s purportedly hiding on an island and provides information on the other heroes.

When it comes to the heroes we’ve encountered so far, I have to say that Claudia is my favorite. She seems so down-to-earth and personable compared to the others we’ve seen in the series up to this point. I hope there’s an opportunity to see her again later in the series.

As we see throughout this episode, there are two other references made to the island with Gaz’s treasure during this episode. The first is when Guy appears in front of Red Chaika and her group and tells them about it, and the other is when Vivi learns about it while Gillette’s things are being examined and explained to her. At this point, I feel rather safe in saying that the series is heading toward this island and whatever may be hiding there.

Later in the episode, Chaika has a memory of being beheaded, but knows that if this is true, she would have to be dead. This leads Chaika to make the decision to go the island in the hopes of learning who or what she truly is. And Vivi was given the job of continuing Gillette’s mission of finding Chaika, so her journey will have to lead her to the island as well. And since Guy gave Red Chaika information about it, I’m sure that she and her group will head there as well. I’d be surprised if there isn’t some kind of major conflict that takes place on the island.

The more I see of this Guy person, the more convinced I am that he’s not on the “up-and-up.” He definitely knows something that he’s hiding from everyone. I suspect that he may know the truth about Chaika. I’m almost thinking that the real Chaika is actually dead, or that Vivi is the real Chaika that somehow transformed into another appearance. As much as I’d like for the Chaika we’ve come to know and love be the real one, I suspect that she isn’t.

It also looks like the scene is being set for Chaika and Red Chaika to encounter each other again. Red Chaika gets remains from one of the heroes earlier in the episode, and Chaika and the others come to him at the end and learn that Red Chaika already has them. Toru’s worried about Red Chaika getting ahead of them, but I predict that both groups will encounter each other again sooner rather than later.

Episode Two builds nicely off of the story that was established in Episode One. So far, this appears to be a strong continuation of the first Chaika – The Coffin Princess- anime, and I hope the series continues to be this strong as it progresses this season.

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