World Trigger: Episode 2 – “Neighbor and Trion Soldier”

Episode Two is primarily an exposition episode, and the exposition serves two purposes. First, it allows Osamu to get to know Yuma better. Second, it also allows for the audience to learn about Yuma as well. As we see, Yuma is clueless about Japanese society, but he doesn’t appear to be a bad person. Unfortunately, his cluelessness ends up getting him into trouble that Osamu has to try to get him out of on several occasions. This right here comprises a lot of what we see in Episode Two. The incidents are amusing at first, but I thought there were too many of them. I got the point about Yuma after the first two or so.

Right at the very beginning, we get to see two or three other Border agents and briefly get to hear names for a couple of them. They find what’s left of Yuma and Osamu’s battle with what Yuma calls a Trion soldier and discover it wasn’t one of their squads that took it down. I suspect this is setting the stage for Border to become suspicious that something’s going on that they don’t know about.

Right at the end of the episode, Trion soldiers appear at Osamu’s school, which is beyond the Forbidden Zone that they normally appear in. Osamu has just activated his Trigger when the episode comes to an end. On the one hand, I understand that they want to have a hook to entice viewers to come back for the next episode, but it was a little frustrating that some action was finally appearing in the episode after spending most of it in exposition and then to have the brief action suddenly stop before it can truly get going.

Hopefully, Episode Three will start picking up the action in this series. I understand that the exposition was needed, and I’m glad that I understand Yuma better, but the episode had the majority of its emphasis on exposition. If the action can get going, then I think World Trigger will end up becoming a more interesting series to watch.

At least watching World Trigger is allowing me to start filling in the gap that I have from jumping into the manga in the middle of the series when I started reading Weekly Shonen Jump earlier this year, as well as allowing me to start to better understand what I’ve been reading.

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