Manga Review: Chi’s Sweet Home Volume 11

Chi’s Sweet Home follows the adventures of a kitten named Chi. At the beginning of the series, Chi was separated from her mother. The lost kitten was found and taken in by a family with a young son. Not only does Chi learn about the world around her, but her adoptive family goes through changes and learns lessons about taking care of a cat.

Chi’s Sweet Home Volume 11
Written by: Konami Kanata
Publisher: Kodansha
English Publisher: Vertical
Release Date: August 19, 2014

This volume sees Yohei and his mother leaving for a short trip, and Chi not understanding what’s going on. When Chi meets up with her friend Cocchi, who tells her that Yohei and his mother have been taken away to a new home. When Cocchi says this, he remembers being part of a group of kittens left in a box and being the only one who wasn’t taken away. And when Cocchi tells Chi that it’s likely her current home is not her real home, she becomes very upset. This makes poor Chi become worried, and I felt so bad for her.

Chi has a chance meeting with two kitten siblings and their mother. When the mother cat sees Chi, the mother cat calls out and asks if Chi is Sarah, her missing kitten. Chi is confused and runs off. The mother cat follows and sees where Chi returns to.

At first, the mood of the story improves when Chi sees that Yohei and his mother have returned and they get to have some family time. However, it appears that change is in the air: Yohei’s father has been offered a job in France and that the family will move there if he accepts. When I read this, it made me wonder what would happen to Chi if the family moves.

Not too long after this, Yohei sees the lost kitten poster with Chi’s picture on it and asks his parents about it. At this point, they’re forced to admit to Yohei that Chi’s rightful owner is looking for her. When his parents say they should contact the real owner, Yohei keeps asking what will happen to Chi. As you’d expect, his parents don’t have an answer for him, because they hadn’t expected to have to deal with this situation at this point in time. But could the potential move to France sway Yohei’s parents toward calling Chi’s original owner and returning her?

And while this is going on, Chi is at the park and learns the two kitten siblings she’s met are her siblings and that the mother cat is her mother. The volume ends with Yohei and his parents finding Chi at the park when she’s introduced to her mother.

What a cliffhanger! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to find out what happens until Summer 2015, because that’s when Volume 12 of Chi’s Sweet Home will be released.

I said in my review of Volume 10 that it felt like Chi’s Sweet Home is getting closer to its conclusion. Now that I’ve read Volume 11, I still believe that this series is close to ending. By the end of Volume 11, the potential move to France, Yohei learning about the missing kitten poster, and Chi learning the truth are all signs that the series is almost over. At this point, I’d only expect one or two more volumes of the series. I’ll be surprised if it lasts any longer than that.

But Chi’s Sweet Home has been quite a ride. Chi is such an adorable kitten that you can’t help but fall in love with her and become invested in her story. Honestly, when I first started Chi’s Sweet Home, I never thought I’d get as much into it as I have.

Just like the previous volumes of Chi’s Sweet Home, Volume 11 is a quick and enjoyable read. The series can be enjoyed by both younger readers who are just starting to read manga and by long-time manga readers who are cat lovers or who enjoy reading stories about cats.

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