Chaika -The Coffin Princess- AVENGING BATTLE: Episode 1 – “The Princess Who Gathers the Remains”

The first episode of Chaika –The Coffin Princess- AVENGING BATTLE is set one month after the events that took place at the end of the first series. Unfortunately, no recap of any kind was given until the last six minutes or so of the episode. This recap is to remind the audience what happened to Captain Gillette and how upon learning of Gillette’s death, Vivi transformed into a person that kind of looks like Chaika. But an interesting development takes place in regards to Vivi. She’s visited by Chaika’s informant, Guy, who claims that Vivi is the real Chaika. From what we learn in a briefing scene, Vivi is an orphan, which leaves the door open for her to potentially be the real Chaika. I hope the Chaika we’ve come to know and love is the real one, but there’s always the possibility that she isn’t.

But most of the episode actually focuses on Chaika, Toru, and Akari going up against Claudia, one of the eight heroes that fought against Emperor Gaz and has some of his remains. Chaika loses against Claudia in the first fight we see in this episode, and Chaika realizes that she needs to work on incantation shortening in order to stand a chance. But after practicing, she finds that she can’t do it. The next battle with Claudia is just starting up at the end of Episode One, so it’s safe to say that Episode Two will include at least some focus on this fight. On one hand, it was a little frustrating to be teased like that, but on the other, I could tell by the amount of time left on the episode that there was no way that this fight could get very far before the episode ended.

At the end of the first series, it had been hinted that Toru might consider making a contract with Frederica. We see in this episode that Toru hasn’t done this yet during the one month timeskip and doesn’t do it here. But I’m wondering if this could happen later on in this series and become an important plot point.

Since there was no recap, it was a little more difficult getting back into the story than I thought it would be. However, by the end of the episode, I had pieced a lot of things together and was starting to get back into the story. It appears that Chaika –The Coffin Princess- AVENGING BATTLE is off to a decent start, and hopefully this series will keep me just as interested in the story as the first series did.

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