Manga Review: 07-Ghost Volume One

07-Ghost Volume One is a manga by Yuki Amemiya and Yukino Ichihara, and it was published by Go! Media Entertainment, LLC in 2008. The series is rated “OT” for older teens 16 years of age and up. After reading this volume, I would agree with this rating.

07-Ghost Volume One
Written by: Yuki Amemiya and Yukino Ichihara
Publisher: Ichijinsha
English Publisher: Go! Media Entertainment, LLC
Release Date: November 13, 2012

Teito Klein is the main character of the series. He’s a former slave who now attends the Barsburg Empire’s military academy. He’s able to attend the school due to his ability to use a rare supernatural power called Zaiphon. While the adults prize Teito’s ability, many of the students make fun of him because of the fact that he’s a former slave. The only real friend Teito has at the academy is a boy named Mikage.

Teito is also an amnesiac who has frightening dreams and keeps seeing a man who should be familiar to him for some reason. One day, Teito overhears Chief of Staff Ayanami talking about him and learns that the man in his dreams is his father, the king of Raggs Kingdom. Teito is caught eavesdropping and Teito tries to attack Ayanami. Teito is captured and thrown in prison.

Teito makes an escape and Mikage tries to go with him. Unfortunately, Teito is wounded by a Zaiphon blast that Ayanami shoots at him. Teito is found by three bishops from the 7th District who take him to a nearby church to recuperate. He is protected in this location because of the 7th District’s law of sanctuary. Teito has a secret about him that attracts Verloren, the God of Death, as well as Verloren’s enemies, the 07-Ghosts.

Just from reading Volume One, I can see that there’s an intriguing, yet complex story being woven for this series. What Volume One presents of the story is most likely simply the tip of the iceberg. There’s some elements that come across as a little confusing early on in the volume, but by the end, a lot of what’s been seen in the story up to that point ends up making a lot more sense.

There’s a lot of intrigue, especially since Teito is an amnesiac who’s trying to piece together the various flashes of memories he starts having throughout Volume One. It also seems like the three bishops who have taken Teito in know more about him than they let on.

Near the end of the volume, there’s an extremely tense scene that takes place between Teito and Mikage after they’ve had a reunion at the church. Even though we’ve only known Teito for this one volume, this scene near the end is very moving because the reader understands that what’s happening could shatter what faith Teito has in his life and could make him question and wonder what he should do going forward.

When it comes to the art, I have to admit that there really isn’t anything that makes it stand out from being “average.” However, the story itself is compelling enough that the reader has an easier time ignoring the quality of the art in order to focus on the plot.

07-Ghost Volume One was a compelling enough read that I’d like to be able to read future volumes of this series at some point in order to find out what’s going to happen. It’s a series I’d recommend to readers who enjoy compelling stories with supernatural elements.

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