Manga Review: My Love Story!! Volume Two

Takeo Goda is a large high school student who’s got a very big heart. His best friend is Makoto Sunakawa, who’s very popular with the girls but always seems to turn them down when they ask him out. One day, Takeo saves a girl named Rinko Yamato from a groper on a train and he falls in love with her. As Rinko starts spending time with them, Takeo thinks she likes Makoto. However, Takeo is surprised when it turns out that Rinko is in love with him! By the end of the first volume, Takeo and Rinko become a couple.

My Love Story!! Volume Two
Written by: Kazune Kawahara
Publisher: Shueisha
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: October 7, 2014

At the beginning of Volume Two, Rinko tells Takeo that her friends want to have a mixer so they can meet Takeo’s friends. Takeo is able to round up some guys, and manages to convince Makoto to come along. Before going, Makoto warns Takeo that just because Rinko is nice, it doesn’t mean that her friends will be. Sadly, we see that Makoto is right. After meeting Takeo, a couple of Rinko’s friends talk badly about Takeo behind their back, but Rinko and Takeo end up overhearing.

Even before Makoto said anything, I had my suspicions about how Rinko’s friends would react when they actually met Takeo. Let’s be honest for a moment: a guy with Takeo’s looks isn’t exactly going to be at the top of most high school girls’ lists of guys they’d want to date. But I still felt bad for Rinko because she became so upset over what her friends had said. Takeo acts like a gentleman and tries to tell her that what they said didn’t hurt him. But when something happens that puts these two girls’ lives in danger, Takeo ends up saving the day, and all the girls see him in a much better light.

In the next story, Takeo is asked by members of the judo club to participate with them because their captain is injured. Takeo agrees to do this, even though it means he won’t be able to spend time with Rinko for a month because he has to focus his time on practicing for the upcoming judo competition. Rinko encourages Takeo to do this, but as we see, not seeing Takeo as much is harder on her than she had anticipated. There’s some miscommunication that takes place, but as you’d expect from a series like this, they’re able to get the miscommunication sorted out, and their relationship is able to survive this test.

The final story in this volume finds Takeo learning that Rinko’s birthday is coming up soon, and Rinko’s wish is to be able to spend that day with him. Takeo starts stressing out over what they can do, and Makoto helps him out. But Takeo also notices that something seems to be wrong with Makoto; however, Makoto refuses to talk to him about it. But after Takeo’s mother tells him about Makoto’s father being in the hospital, Takeo talks with Makoto. Takeo wants to be with Makoto on the day of his father’s surgery, which is the same day as Rinko’s birthday, but Makoto convinces him to be with Rinko.

This story sees the struggle that Takeo has between being a good boyfriend and being a good friend. I have to say that I really liked how Kawahara wrote this story so Takeo could do both of the things that he wanted to do. This was due in large part to Rinko being such a nice and understanding person instead of being selfish.

And we also learn in this volume that Takeo is going to become an older brother. I really hope we get to see the baby being born during this series, because I’d like to see how Takeo handles being around the new baby. He’ll obviously love the little one with how big his heart is, but he might be a little concerned about handling the baby considering how strong he is. In this volume, we see him pick up Rinko awkwardly, and he admits that she was lighter than he had anticipated.

Now that I’ve read two volumes of My Love Story!!, I found that I enjoyed the series even more after reading this second volume. The characters are very relatable and likable, and I’ve enjoyed seeing the realistic situations we’ve seen them in, especially after Takeo and Rinko have become a couple. I hope to be able to read more of this series in the future in order to find out what kind of stories these characters end up having.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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