Tokyo ESP: Episode 12 – “Tokyo ESP Girl”

Tokyo ESP sees a group of espers trying to take over Tokyo. There’s a group known as The White Girl, which consists of espers that fight for justice and try to stop the espers who are attacking Tokyo. The most prominent member of The White Girl is a girl named Rinka.

Episode 12 features a lot of action. Early on, the action focuses on a fight between Rinka and Minami. While Rinka hasn’t regained her esper power, she’s still able to hold her own against Minami.

Roshi and the other espers who have come with Rinka find themselves up against the esper that’s causing the parliament building to float in the air. Things seem hopeless until Peggy, Ayumu, Murasaki, and Kobushi arrive. We get to see how Kobushi’s training has helped her improve her ability, and she’s able to knock the esper out. And when the parliament building starts falling, Rinka’s father is able to save the day. And it was very touching here when Ayumu is reunited with his mother and she apologizes for how she’s acted toward him.

The majority of the episode focuses on a confrontation that includes Rinka, Minami, and The Professor. As all hope seems lost, Kyotaro appears with the telepathic bird, and things start happening. Minami’s jealousy of Rinka’s closeness to Kyotaro rears its ugly head, especially after the Professor orders her to kill Kyotaro. But after Kyotaro explains his feelings and what he went through, Minami has a change of heart.

But then something unexpected happens. Another esper that I don’t recall ever seeing before appears and stabs the Professor. We never get an explanation as to who this person is, so that was rather frustrating.

And at the end of the episode, it turns out the heroes didn’t succeed in stopping the change. It’s now seven days after the confrontation, and the city has fallen into chaos. Crimes are being committed everywhere, and esper cases are on the rise.

In a lot of respects, it didn’t feel like the story had come to an end. In fact, it felt as if the stage was being set for a second season. However, there was nothing at the end of the episode to announce that another season would be coming in the future.

Now that I’ve finished Tokyo ESP, I found that I never was able to enjoy it as much as I’d hoped I would. The way the series started didn’t really help anything, since it left me so confused as to what was going on. When the actual story got going in Episode Two, the pacing of the story tended to feel rather slow, and that pacing never really improved by the end. Also, it was a little frustrating to have Kyotaro kidnapped not once, but twice, by Minami. This made that particular plot point feel repetitive. I also found that I just couldn’t get into the characters, not even into the characters who had some clearly defined development, such as Rinka and Kyotaro. Looking back, I realize I had this underlying sense of detachment from the characters.

In the end, Tokyo ESP had an interesting concept behind it, but the execution just wasn’t as strong as it could have been. At this point, if there’s ever another season of the series, I probably wouldn’t be in a rush to watch it.

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