Re: Hamatora: Episode 12 – “Resolution [EGO]”

Re: Hamatora is the second season of the Hamatora anime series. This season begins three months after the end of the first season, and the Hamatora detective agency is still taking on cases that come their way.

Episode 12 opens with Art having a flashback of his time at Facultas Academy when he was younger, as well as what happened to Art when he was shot by Moral in the first season of Hamatora. The flashback lasts for almost half of the episode, which does kind of bog the episode down a little. But through this flashback sequence, the viewer finally gets information on how various pieces we’ve seen and heard about up until now come together.

While we needed all of this information, I wish there had been some way to spread this out over the course of the season. By waiting until the final episode, it made the first half of it feel like a major “info dump.” Since a finale episode is typically supposed to be exciting for the viewer, having an extended flashback sequence really muted the excitement.

But once the flashback ended, the rest of the story focused on bringing this season to a close. In a lot of ways, it felt a little rushed. Also, how everything was brought back to normal has a “deus ex machina” feel to it. But then again, considering how strange Re: Hamatora had become, this resolution seems to work with the tone that this series had set.

For the most part, the loose ends of the story were wrapped up in Episode 12. However, during the ending credits, there’s a television report showing that remnants of the Freemums are still creating unrest six months later. Before seeing that report, I was sure that this episode would wrap up the Hamatora franchise. However, seeing that tidbit in the ending credits does leave the door open for a potential third season. However, after how this season went, I’m not sure I’d be back if there ended up being a third season.

In the end, I didn’t enjoy Re: Hamatora as much as I did the first season of Hamatora. Right at first, the darker and more serious tone of Re: Hamatora was a refreshing change of pace. However, as the season wore on, the storyline in Re: Hamatora just continued to become stranger and stranger. Ultimately, the two seasons of Hamatora were as different as night and day: the first season was more light-hearted with the occasional serious moment, while the second season was more serious with the occasional light-hearted moment early on. But by the end of Re: Hamatora, any light-heartedness was basically gone.

In the end, Re: Hamatora did present some interesting concepts, but I’m not convinced that the execution of those concepts worked as well as it could have.

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