In Episode 25, we see that Puck has created an Ego Block for himself which appears to be invincible. Puck creates an Entangle Link with Aiatar and takes over the Blume and Hana. When Puck takes over Hana, her hair changes from black to white, her eye color changes, and she now has clothes on! In this new look, she is now Robin Goodfellow. Unfortunately for Puck, because Robin isn’t Hana, she is unable to use the Livlaster.

Siren finally understands why the Planetary Gears are unable to shoot a Livlaster, and they start fighting alongside the Midsummer’s Knights. After a couple of surprising turns, the story climaxes into a final fight between Daichi and Puck.

Overall, the episode had a happier ending than I had expected when I wrote the writeup for Episode 24. In some respects, maybe the way the story got there could be a little on the hokey side, but at least it’s an ending that I was satisfied with.

But I have to look back and examine whether or not the ride that this series took the viewer on was really worth it. Captain Earth had a slow start to it, and ultimately added too many characters when it came to the Planetary Gears. Now that I’ve seen the whole series, I can say with certainty that Liban and Bugbear really didn’t need to be there. Liban did nothing during the series after being introduced, and Bugbear only did a couple of things in the long run. The things that Bugbear did could have been done by another one of the Planetary Gears. I liked Bugbear’s backstory, and perhaps Zimbalt could have been given that backstory. Between Zimbalt’s backstory and Bugbear’s backstory, I thought that Bugbear’s was stronger.

The first half of the series had a rather slow start, and the second half felt as if a lot of concepts were being thrown out to the audience. In the end, Captain Earth had an interesting premise that it was presenting, but the overall execution just wasn’t quite as strong as it could have been. While Captain Earth was an overall stronger mecha show than Aldnoah.Zero was, Captain Earth did still have some issues.

Captain Earth isn’t necessarily a bad series, but it’s not one I’m going to rush out and watch again anytime soon or add to my anime home video collection at such a point that the series is released on home video in North America.

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