Tokyo ESP: Episode 11 – “Tokyo Girls War”

Tokyo ESP sees a group of espers trying to take over Tokyo. There’s a group known as The White Girl, which consists of espers that fight for justice and try to stop the espers who are attacking Tokyo. The most prominent member of The White Girl is a girl named Rinka.

Episode 11 finally sees the story returning to where it had been at the beginning of Episode One. While we see a little bit of what we saw in Episode One, Episode 11 is trying to show other events that were taking place that would lead the characters to where we saw them at the end of Episode One.

The Professor and his espers launch an attack on the parliament building and commit terrorist attacks across the city. Rinka, who is imprisoned in the Esper Detainment Center, is trying to figure out what she can do, especially since she lost her power. But when a couple of the Professor’s espers break into the detainment center to free the espers and woo them to their side, Rinka is able to rely on her own fighting ability to take these espers down.

As Rinka finds help from her father and some of the other espers to try to free the hostages in the parliament building, Ayumu, Murasaki, and Kobushi are able to rescue Peggy from his captors. The three of them also decide to head to the parliament building in order to help out.

And then there’s Kyotaro, who’s still stranded on the island and can’t teleport out. He builds a raft and gathers up supplies. But before he can leave, he is approached by a large bird that has the ability to read people’s minds. As expected, this bird managed to get this power from the glowing fish. The bird starts to lead Kyotaro across the water back to where Rinka and the others are.

Okay, I just have to say that this portion with the bird was a little on the weird side. To me, this kind of felt like the writer realized they needed to find a way to get Kyotaro back into the action but couldn’t come up with a more plausible way for this to happen. The bird says it’s possible for animals to acquire strange powers, but how come this is the first time we ever saw this in the series? And that it just so happened that this bird is a migratory bird that happened to get a glowing fish and then just happened to come to the island that Kyotaro is trapped on.

The episode ends with Minami launching into a fight with Rinka, so I’m expecting an epic fight between the two of them in Episode 12.

Seeing how the series has played out to the point of circling back around to the first episode, I still believe that this series would have been stronger from the start if the second episode was the first episode of the series. Not only would it have been less confusing for the audience, it would have given the writers one more episode to develop this story and the characters a little more.

I just hope that Tokyo ESP will have a satisfactory ending.

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