A lot of Episode 10 jumps around between focusing on Nine, Five, and Shibazaki. Nine surprises everyone when he turns himself in as Sphinx Number 1 and as he’s being interrogated, he makes certain demands and says if they aren’t met, he’ll set off the atomic bomb that he and Twelve stole before the two of them came to this city.

While this is going on, Shibazaki goes to question Mamiya about the Athena Plan. And after Five awakens in the hospital, she decides to bust out to capture Nine herself. Unbeknownst to her, her underling is plotting something behind her back.

While the section with Shibazaki and Mamiya is basically talking, this is made up for by the action that takes place for Five and Nine. Twelve becomes part of this action, but it’s not until near the end of the episode. The few times we see him and Lisa prior to this point, they really don’t do much.

The storyline with Five took a turn I hadn’t expected, and I’m not sure I entirely like that turn. It just felt out of character and a little too convenient. It’s almost like the writers had written themselves into a corner with her and couldn’t figure out how to resolve her storyline, so they took an easy way out.

At this point, with one episode left, I’m rather frustrated with Lisa’s character. For a lot of the series, she’s either served as a prop for the main characters, or she becomes the “damsel in distress” who has to be saved (usually by Twelve). And while we may finally have some background information for both Nine and Twelve, they’ve never truly been developed as characters.

Even with the criticisms I have, I’m still interested in seeing how Terror in Resonance will come to an end.

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