Blue Spring Ride: Episode 11 – “Page.11”

Episode 11 allows the audience to truly see what happened to Kou as his mother was dying of lung cancer. While we had heard some of this in dialogue that appeared in Episode 10, I appreciated seeing this flashback. After seeing this, it really makes sense why Kou changed like he did between junior high and high school. Watching his mother die in front of him was such a hard thing for a young person like him to have to endure, especially since he was by himself. In addition, he’s racked with guilt because he had decided to focus on his studies in order to be able to provide a better life for his mother at the expense of not spending time with her. Because he’d pushed her away, he realized how much he missed out on during the time that she was still alive. It’s no wonder he locked away his emotions and refused to get close to others. If you hadn’t felt for Kou before this point, you definitely would after seeing this flashback.

Kou begins spacing out, whether it’s at school or when he’s out and about. His mother’s death and his confusion about being friends with Futaba and the others really eats at him throughout the episode.

Speaking of Futaba, she’s determined to break down the “door” that Kou has in his heart so she can truly get to know him as he is now. She’s determined to find him, and when she does, she starts asking questions. The episode climaxes with Futaba telling Kou off and Kou starting to realize that she’s right.

This was another emotional episode, this time for both Kou and Futaba. By the end of the episode, these two characters are definitely much closer than they had been for most of the series. There seem to be some very strong hints here that Kou and Futaba could end up getting together, but this may not happen by the end of the next episode, which is supposed to be the last one for the series.

We were also given a brief introduction to a new character, whose name is never said and all we seem to hear from him is a couple of grunts. It seemed like the scene he was in was there to provide some comic relief for an otherwise very emotional episode.

I still can’t believe there’s only one episode left for Blue Spring Ride, and I’m wondering how it’s going to come to an end.

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