Captain Earth: Episode 24 – “Auberon”

Captain Earth focuses on Daichi Manatsu, who stumbles into a secret organization when he returns to Tanegashima after being gone for several years. He had made friends with a boy named Teppei when he was younger, but had no idea that Teppei was part of this organization. It turns out that Daichi’s father, who died when he was younger, also had ties to this organization. Near the end of the first episode, he makes it into the organization’s headquarters, and is given a gun by a scientist named Peter Westvillage, which allows him to pilot a mecha known as the Earth Engine. As the series progresses, Daichi and Teppei, along with Hana and Akari, become a team known as the Midsummer’s Knights.

Episode 24 opens with the Entangle Link being activated, but Daichi and the others find they didn’t arrive at Uranus as they had expected. Instead, they discover they’re in orbit around Saturn. Suddenly, Bugbear from the Kiltgang appears and Daichi goes after him. During the fight, we discover through what Bugbear says that the Kiltgang really had been in his dream back in Episode 23. So I guess I was a little wrong about that dream. It wasn’t an internal struggle Daichi was going through, he had the Kiltgang trying to control him.

But just as it looks like Bugbear’s going to defeat Daichi, Teppei appears in the Booster as it warps in between Daichi and Bugbear, and the Booster shoots off a blast that appears to destroy Bugbear’s Ego Block. Once this is done, Hana says she’s ready to try the Entangle Link again.

With their second attempt, the Midsummer’s Knights appear at Uranus and manage to board the Kivotos. But when they reach the core and find the cocoon, they find the Kiltgang are waiting for them. Also, Siren is able to bring back Bugbear’s Ego Block and he returns to the battle. It’s also revealed that Puck is in the cocoon, but what Puck does surprises both the Midsummer’s Knights and the Kiltgang…

I knew that Puck was using everybody he came in contact with, including the Kiltgang, but I hadn’t realized just how evil Puck truly is! But when he destroys the Ego Blocks for a couple of the Kiltgang and refers to them as his tools, he showed just how little regard he has for anyone. One of the Kiltgang he destroyed was Liban, who basically had done squat after Amarok and Malkin retrieved them. However, I was surprised to see that Zimbalt was the other one. But this still begs the question: why were there so many Kiltgang introduced if so few were truly ever utilized in the series? When Liban disappeared, I just kind of shrugged and didn’t care since we saw so little of that character to begin with. But Zimbalt’s destruction actually had an impact on me, since he was the Planetary Gear who did the most in the series after Amarok and Malkin.

But things are looking rather bleak for the Midsummer’s Knights at the end of Episode 24. I have a hard time believing there could be any kind of “happily ever after” at the end of Episode 25, because at this point, there would have to be a tremendous turn around in what’s going on. Considering how much power Puck seems to have over the situation, I don’t see that as being very likely. It’s going to be interesting to see how Captain Earth ultimately comes to an end.

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