Sailor Moon Crystal: Episode 6 – “Act.6 TUXEDO MASK”

Sailor Moon Crystal is a remake of the original Sailor Moon anime series that began airing in Japan in 1992. Unlike the original anime series, Sailor Moon Crystal aims to remain as faithful to the original manga source material as much as possible. While this new series utilizes more modern animation techniques, the character designs try to retain as much of the early 1990’s look as it possibly can.

Episode Six sees both Usagi and Mamoru having dreams that they can’t explain. One day, after they both have their dream, Usagi accidentally bumps into him while walking down the street as she thinks about her dream. Makoto and Ami start asking Usagi questions about Mamoru. Just then, they see on a nearby television that Tuxedo Mask has sent a statement to the media that says he’s been committing crimes in order to obtain the “Legendary Silver Crystal.”

When I saw the broadcast, I was wondering what Tuxedo Mask would gain by making such a statement. Fortunately, this was quickly answered within a short amount of time, when we see Tuxedo Mask thinking to himself that doing this should help him collect more information that can aid him in acquiring the “Legendary Silver Crystal.” Unfortunately, as we see in the episode, he didn’t have the foresight to see how much chaos this would ultimately create and would bring out Queen Beryl and her henchmen. Zoisite takes on the task of taking advantage of the public’s curiosity about the “Legendary Silver Crystal” in order to try to find it and acquire more of the humans’ energy.

Another important aspect of this episode is that Usagi is unsure about being the leader of the group, especially since she doesn’t have the abilities that Ami, Makoto, and Rei have. Usagi gets some unexpected help and encouragement from Tuxedo Mask that gives her the confidence to take the lead and go after Zoisite and Queen Beryl.

It was quite amusing, though, when Usagi was afraid to transform into Sailor Moon in front of Tuxedo Mask, but then he reveals that he already knows. If Usagi had thought about it, she should have remembered that Tuxedo Mask came to her bedroom in the previous episode in order to lead her to Makoto and her senpai. Why would he have come to Usagi unless he knew that she was Sailor Moon? But then again, Usagi is rather flighty and isn’t exactly the brightest of people. Remember, she got a 30% on her English test in the first episode! And the episode ends with Usagi figuring out that Mamoru, the boy who’s always sarcastic to her when they bump into each other, is Tuxedo Mask, the mysterious guy she’s fallen for.

After the fight, Sailor Moon has gotten weak and Tuxedo Mask saves her. But he does something that’s not entirely cool. He kisses Sailor Moon on the mouth at a time when she’s unable to give any consent. I would’ve expected Tuxedo Mask to act more like a gentleman than that. And as I seem to remember in the manga that he gave her a kiss on the cheek.

This episode also throws in a couple of references to Sailor V, which includes showing Sailor V and a white cat in the shadows watching Sailor Moon fighting with Zoisite and Queen Beryl. Unfortunately, it looks like Sailor V isn’t going to be an important part of Episode Seven. Hopefully we’ll see her make an important appearance in Episode Eight.

It looks like Episode Seven is going to be another episode that has a focus on Tuxedo Mask. And from the title, it looks like Mamoru will also play a role as well. At this point, it looks Sailor Moon Crystal has made it through the first volume of the Sailor Moon manga, and is just starting into the second volume. From refreshing my memory, it appears that each episode of the anime is roughly corresponding to a chapter in the manga. It’ll be interesting to see if this holds true over the remainder of Sailor Moon Crystal.

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