Tokyo ESP: Episode 10 – “In Bitter Lament…”

Tokyo ESP sees a group of espers trying to take over Tokyo. There’s a group known as The White Girl, which consists of espers that fight for justice and try to stop the espers who are attacking Tokyo. The most prominent member of The White Girl is a girl named Rinka.

The main focus of Episode 10 is on Kyotaro learning how his parents and Minami’s mother really died. It’s also during this exposition that we learn where the glowing fish came from. Basically, both of their parents were part of the same archaeological expedition that found the Ark of the Covenant. A general of the country they’re in takes out a stone tablet and accidentally breaks it; the glowing fish are released when this happens.

Both of Minami’s parents and Kyotaro’s mother acquire powers from the fish, and the general that broke the tablet wants to have powers like this as well. A diplomat from Japan is brought in to deal with the situation, but it turns out he’s made an agreement with the general. After the group of archaeologists is ambushed by the general and his men, they all die except for Minami’s father.

Not only did this finally give us some backstory for Minami, Kyotaro, and the Professor, it also provides a clear motivation for what the Professor has been doing since the beginning of the series. And after Kyotaro learns the truth, he finds himself struggling to decide whether he wants to continue down the path he’s been going or to seek revenge for his parents’ deaths. For viewers who have been following this series, they should be able to figure out what decision he comes to and how he comes to that decision.

We see Rinka early on in the episode, and she’s lost and broken. She questions the fighting she’s done up to this point, and believes that she ultimately did nothing to protect other people. Rinka is caught by the Esper Detainment Force. She’s taken to the Esper Detainment Center, where she’s given a barcode on her arm and has a transmitter with a wireless tap embedded into her. She has a reunion with Roshi and learns what’s happened to her father.

Episode 10 had a strong focus on exposition and providing information that finally helps to make everything we’ve seen up to this point fall into place. I suspect it’s also the “calm before the storm” episode to allow the audience to catch its breath before pushing through whatever action will be taking place over the final two episodes of the series.

But my big question is: How is Rinka going to get her esper power back? At this point, her power is gone and she can’t really do anything to help with the esper situation without it. I’d guess that somehow a fish returns to her, but I don’t know how that would happen yet. Also, I suspect that Kyotaro will play an important role in the finale, but I’m not sure how he’s going to return to where Rinka and the others are, since his teleportation power isn’t getting him back there. It’ll be interesting to see how these two big issues are resolved so we can hopefully have the ending for this series that will be satisfactory to the audience.

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