Terror in Resonance: Episode 9 – “Highs & Lows”

Terror in Resonance focuses on two teenagers who are also terrorists known as Sphinx: Arata Kokonoe (who is also known by the name Nine) and Toji Hisami (who is also known by the name Twelve). We first see them stealing plutonium from a nuclear fuel reprocessing facility in Aomori, Japan. The story then skips ahead in time six months, and the two of them attack a Tokyo government office. Lisa Mishima, a girl in Twelve’s class, ends up being at the wrong place at the wrong time and becomes an accomplice to their crime in order to save her life.

The first half of Episode Nine focuses on exposition. Shibazaki tracks down Aoki, the point of contact he found for the Athena Plan. It’s revealed that they gathered 26 children to be test subjects to try to reproduce the savant syndrome artificially and create humans with abilities beyond the norm. Two subjects escaped; of course, they’re Nine and Twelve. Of the remaining 24, only one survived: Five. It’s hinted that due to the experiments done on these three, they may not have much longer to live. But the real bombshell for Shibazaki is learning that Dr. Mamiya, the reason for Shibazaki’s demotion years earlier, was in charge of the Athena Project.

So we finally get the remaining pieces of the puzzle to figure out Five, Nine, and Twelve’s backstory that had been hinted at for so long in the series. It was also interesting to learn that Shibazaki, who had decided to tackle this case, ended up having a personal connection to the case that he hadn’t been aware of before now. It was never outright said during the discussion with Aoki, but I have a hunch that Shibazaki pieced together that the two kids who ran away from the project are the ones behind Sphinx. I’m wondering how Shibazaki’s involvement in the story will continue beyond this point.

Twelve finds that Lisa is trapped in a ferris wheel car with several bombs. When he goes into the car, it shuts behind him and the ferris wheel starts up. Twelve starts trying to disarm the bombs within a rather short time frame. But during this, there’s a touching scene of Lisa apologizing for going off on her own and being captured, and Twelve telling her it’s not her fault. I swear there were some shots in here that came across as trying to convey that Twelve thinks of Lisa more than just a friend. When Five calls Twelve in the ferris wheel car, we learn that what Nine and Twelve got several months earlier wasn’t plutonium… it was something else. After some egging on, Twelve blurts out where the object is hidden.

But as the scene is unfolding in the ferris wheel car, Five starts looking like she’s in pain, and even puts her head in her hands. It looks like Aoki’s comment about these kids not having much longer to live may be coming to fruition.

For most of the episode, we only see Nine briefly. However, he makes a major appearance right at the end of the episode, and it looks like his life is potentially in danger…

Episode Nine revealed some very important information to the audience for what happened to lead up to this story that we’ve been following since Nine and Twelve arrived in the city. It also provided higher stakes for several of the main characters, and this seems to have already affected Five. Will Nine and Twelve also be affected by this before the end of the series? If so, how will this affect the story?

There’s only two more episodes remaining for Terror in Resonance, and I’m wondering how the story will play out over these remaining episodes. It looks like the police are about to get their hands on the object that Nine and Twelve stole and are now hiding, so I suspect that will play an important role in Episode 10. Outside of that, I really have no idea what else this series will do in order to wrap up the story.

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