Blue Spring Ride: Episode 10 – “Page.10”

At the beginning of Episode 10, Makita and Kou have a strange vibe between them, and it makes Futaba anxious. After the study party, Futaba asks what happened between the two of them. After a pause, Makita says it’s nothing. When the others go their separate ways, Futaba goes back to Kou’s to try to get an answer.

At first, Kou also says it’s really nothing. But after Futaba says she wants to know why Kou changed so she can get to know him as he is now properly and to learn what happened to him, Kou relents. He takes her to a room in the house she hasn’t seen. It’s set up as a shrine to his mother; she died after Kou left in junior high. It turns out he had shown this to Makita during the study party. After this, there’s a very touching moment between Kou and Futaba and it almost looks like something could happen between them. Unfortunately, they’re interrupted by the arrival of Tanaka-sensei.

There were definitely some very emotional sections of this episode, with the revelation of the death of Kou’s mother being one of them. Later, Tanaka-sensei tells Futaba about what happened during the time his mother was dying, and you can hear that he’s trying so hard to choke back tears, especially when talking about how Kou had to go through all of that alone since Tanaka-sensei had just started his teaching career at that point. Near the end of the episode, there’s also a touching moment between Futaba and Makita.

Learning about Kou losing his mother in this episode makes it clear to the audience why he now seems to be so detached from people and why he believes that caring for things brings a lot of trouble. Having gone through a divorce and watching his mother die while he was in middle school, it’s no wonder that Kou has turned out the way he has. He obviously is still a nice person, which he shows through some of his actions, but he just seems to have a hard time getting close to anyone at this point.

And now there’s only two episodes remaining for Blue Spring Ride. At this point, I believe that if Kou is going to get close to anyone by the end, it’s going to be Futaba. He’s definitely been the closest with her throughout the run of the series, and I just don’t sense the same chemistry between Kou and Makita that I do with Kou and Futaba. It’s going to be interesting to see how this story is resolved within the remaining two episodes.

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