Re: Hamatora: Episode 10 – “For Whom to Duel”

Re: Hamatora is the second season of the Hamatora anime series. This season begins three months after the end of the first season, and the Hamatora detective agency is still taking on cases that come their way.

Episode 10 sees Hajime leaving Hamatora and going to the Freemums. Unfortunately, it’s decided to use her as a hostage in order for Momoka (aka Shikyou) to have some entertainment with Nice, Murasaki, and Ratio. She keeps calling Nice and creating situations where his friends are kidnapped and are trapped with bombs, and having Nice try to save his friends before the bombs go off.

Birthday’s illness has also kicked back up again, and Ratio makes him go to the hospital. Ratio also finds Chiyuu, and she’s extremely disoriented. In fact, she’s so disoriented that she doesn’t even recognize Ratio.

After Momoka tricks Nice into going to a location where she claimed Hajime was, he discovers that Ratio was also called there. Through a video call on a laptop, they learn that Hajime is at Without, along with Suruga, the Minimum Holder with the Healing Minimum that can help both Birthday and Chiyuu. Momoka says the two of them must use their Minimum Ability to battle each other to the death. Whichever one wins will determine whether Hajime or Suruga will live or be the one that’s killed.

This Momoka woman is such an annoying person. We learn her entire motivation for what she’s doing is the fact that she’s bored because she has too much money. Really? Talk about First World problems!

I’m also wondering why Hajime suddenly left the Hamatora crew and went to the Freemums to insist on joining them. I know that the events of Episode Eight rattled her quite a bit, but I can’t believe they changed her that much. My assumption is that she was hoping to join the Freemums in order to become a spy and learn what their plans are. If that’s the case, then her plan didn’t really seem to work out so well.

But we also see in this episode that the leader of the Freemums is starting to question Art’s true intentions. I have a feeling that I may have been right in my writeup of Episode Nine when I wondered if Art’s true intention was to gather as many Minimum Holders into one location as possible in order to take away their Minimum abilities. This would fit in with what we saw Art doing earlier in the season. And this would also explain why Art was trying to awaken Hajime’s Nihilist Minimum. But if the leader of the Freemums is starting to question Art’s intentions, this could potentially damage whatever Art’s plan may be.

It appears from seeing the next episode preview that the showdown between the Freemums and those who follow Honey’s father may start taking place. And from what I’ve seen, it appears there’s only two more episodes left for Re: Hamatora. At this point, I imagine it’s going to be pretty intense. It’ll be interesting to see how this series will ultimately come to an end.

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