Early on in Episode Nine, we get to learn a little more about Minami through a couple of flashbacks. One of them shows what happened after the death of Minami’s mother, while the other showed the time that she acquired her teleportation power. These flashbacks provide insight into how Minami has become the person that we’ve seen in the series.

Minami and the espers who have joined with her father attack the high school that Rinka and Kyotaro attend. During the chaos, Rinka is forced to activate her power and reveal to her friends that she’s the White Girl. Unfortunately, one of Minami’s espers has an ability to hypnotize people if they make eye contact with her, and the hypnotized include Kyotaro and Rinka’s friends. Rinka gets beaten up pretty badly, and is choked to the point where it appears she’s died. The glowing fish inside of her also comes out at the same time. Kyotaro snaps out of the hypnotism, but Minami is able to teleport him away to an island before he can do anything. Unfortunately, Kyotaro is unable to teleport back.

Because of the attack on the high school, the “ESP Restriction Law” goes into effect and the special “Esper Detainment Force” has been mobilized to round up all the espers. They barge in on Rinka’s hospital room right after she discovers she’s lost her ability, and insists that she come into their custody. Rinka manages to escape with the help of her father and Roshi, but they’re both injured in the process.

Right at the end of the episode, Rinka believes she’s unable to help anyone and takes off on her own. Hopefully Rinka can figure out what to do, because without her power there’s not much that she can do. And if Minami or her group find her, Rinka could be in some major trouble.

And I knew it was too good to be true for Kyotaro to have returned like he did at the end of Episode Eight. If you read my write-up for Episode Eight, I had predicted that something would make their reunion short-lived, and I’m sad to see that I was right.

There are only three episodes remaining for Tokyo ESP, and I hope this series is able to end on a satisfactory note. At this point there still seem to be several loose ends hanging out there, and I hope the writers don’t end up having to rush the story in order to bring all these loose ends together during the climax and conclusion. There’s a promising story here, and I hope it doesn’t fall apart right at the end.

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