Terror in Resonance: Episode 8 – “My Fair Lady”

Terror in Resonance focuses on two teenagers who are also terrorists known as Sphinx: Arata Kokonoe (who is also known by the name Nine) and Toji Hisami (who is also known by the name Twelve). We first see them stealing plutonium from a nuclear fuel reprocessing facility in Aomori, Japan. The story then skips ahead in time six months, and the two of them attack a Tokyo government office. Lisa Mishima, a girl in Twelve’s class, ends up being at the wrong place at the wrong time and becomes an accomplice to their crime in order to save her life.

Episode Eight sees Shibazaki and his men being punished for disobeying orders. While Shibazaki’s men are suspended for three months and taken off the case, Shibazaki is suspended for an indefinite period of time and is asked to leave his badge. At this point, Shibazaki decides to investigate the case on his own, and one of his men decides to help him out.

Shibazaki’s investigation unearths some very interesting information, and it’s information that begins to start explaining about the institution that Nine, Twelve, and Five all came from. There was a project testing orphans for gifted children implemented by the Rising Peace Academy, a group that had some significant support from politicians. The investigation ultimately nets him a potential point of contact, and he calls in a favor to someone he knows in order to find out more about this point of contact and about the program itself. Shibazaki is able to get the answers that he needs.

And it was neat to see in this episode that Shibazaki has a daughter who’s going to college and studying in the department of science and engineering. Admittedly, his main reason to go see her was for his investigation in order to get answers to some questions, but it was nice to see him interacting with a member of his family instead of someone else on the police force.

Meanwhile, Five has been following Lisa’s movements, and a package is delivered to her at Nine and Twelve’s hideout. Unfortunately, Lisa wasn’t very smart and didn’t question the fact that a package was sent to her there. She accepts it and discovers that a note on the package declares that there’s a bomb inside. Fortunately, all three of them are outside when it goes off. Unfortunately, this means that they have to find a new hideout.

This episode also sees Twelve wondering if he and Nine should stop what they’re doing. Nine keeps trying to convince him that they have something to do, and Twelve argues that they shouldn’t involve Lisa in this anymore. Near the end of the episode, Lisa leaves a note for the two guys and runs off, and Twelve takes it upon himself to find Lisa over Nine’s objections.

I’ve been having a sense that Twelve’s resolve for his and Nine’s plan was starting to waver. I’d also been getting the sense that Twelve was also starting to care for Lisa as well. I’m not sure if he sees her as a friend or if he’s interested in more than friendship, but he definitely was looking out for her recently.

And now Lisa has found herself in another predicament involving Five that’s going to draw Twelve and Nine to her. I suspect the last three episodes will focus on Five taking on Nine and Twelve, while Shibazaki continues to act independently to try to crack the case.

Terror in Resonance has had a great buildup for the story, and I’m hoping the climax and ending will bring about a satisfactory resolution for this story. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this series will continue and to find out what will happen to the major characters.

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