Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun: Episode 9 – “Do You Have Enough Excitement?”

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun is about a girl named Chiyo Sakura who has a crush on Umetaro Nozaki. When she tries confessing her feelings to him, she doesn’t manage to get it out right. But by saying what she said, she comes to learn that Nozaki is the author of a shojo manga that she’s read in a shojo manga magazine; he writes under the pen name, Sakiko Yumeno. Sakura becomes Nozaki’s assistant.

Episode Nine is split into two stories. The first sees both Sakura and Nozaki not having umbrellas when it’s pouring down rain after school. While they sit at school and wait for the rain to end, Nozaki tries to come up with scenarios for his manga about the main male protagonist forgetting his umbrella on a rainy day. As this is going on, Yuzuki comes up and drops a red umbrella on Sakura’s head, saying she can use it.

So Sakura and Nozaki walk to Nozaki’s place under the umbrella. Sakura is freaking out a little about walking under the same umbrella as Nozaki, but he’s spending time thinking of various scenarios with an umbrella for the manga. He tries them out with Sakura without her realizing that’s what he’s doing. Sakura and the audience get trolled again during this scene. When Sakura thinks she wishes the walk would last longer, Nozaki says the same thought out loud. I’d figured there was something else to it, since we’ve been trolled a couple of times already, and it turns out I was right. The moment is ruined when Nozaki remembers that he had laundry drying outside.

Of the two stories that appeared in this episode, I have to say that the story with Nozaki and Sakura in the rain was the stronger and the more amusing of the two. There were a lot of good character moments here for both of these characters. There was technically also a couple of brief scenes of Yu and her female admirers that ended with Hori getting involved, but for the most part, this didn’t truly add much of anything to the story. This is especially true for the brief scene of Hori dragging Yu away from her admirers.

The second story sees Nozaki and Sakura visiting with Yukari, the college-aged shojo manga artist who is neighbors with Nozaki. We see that her editor, Maeno, is still pushing her to include tanukis in her manga. Nozaki becomes frustrated with Yukari and tells her she needs to stand up to him. The humor comes in the fact that Nozaki gives her some ideas to try to stand up to Maeno, but nothing works because she just doesn’t have a confrontational personality.

This second story wasn’t bad, but the main focus was on a character that’s hardly been seen in the series up to this point. The humor of Maeno’s love of tanukis was kind of funny when it showed up in an earlier episode, but at this point, this gag has overstayed its welcome.

Unfortunately, Episode Nine wasn’t quite as strong as Episode Seven and Eight had been, but I’m hoping the humor will improve again over the final three episodes of the series.

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