Blue Spring Ride: Episode 9 – “Page.9”

In Episode Nine, Futaba shares her concerns about Kou with Makita, especially in regards to his comment about caring for things is too much trouble. As Futaba wonders if Kou passed his midterms, Murao approaches and says she overheard Tanaka-sensei and Kou talking about it. She says it sounds like he didn’t do well and joked about quitting school. Futaba decides that they have to get so involved in Kou’s life that he won’t say things like that anymore.

When Futaba decides to put on some makeup to impress Kou, he surprises her by wiping off some of the lipstick and saying that it doesn’t suit her. Makita sees this and starts looking sad. As the episode progresses, she seems to be getting the idea that those two have a mutual attraction for each other and may not have a chance.

One of the scenes that impressed me in this episode had to do with Kou and Kominato. They run into a couple of guys who had been in the advanced classes with Kou the previous year and they start picking on him for returning to the regular classes. Kominato surprised both me and Kou when he stood up for Kou. It was awesome to see Kominato say that he sees he and Kou as friends, as well as to start seeing Kominato really playing some kind of role in the main story. Between this scene and what happens later, I think Kominato is going to be a more important character for the remaining episodes of the series.

Makita comes up with the idea of helping Kou study, so she, Futaba, Murao, and Kominato arrange a study party at Kou’s house. At first, Kou tries to resist, but he eventually joins the others and makes sure to sit next to Futaba. Of course, this makes Makita sad. But something happens right near the end of the episode with Makita and Kou that causes some tension. We don’t quite know what happened yet, but I suspect that Makita confessed her feelings to Kou and that he shot her down. I’ll probably learn exactly what happened in Episode 10.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the next episode in order to hopefully learn what happened between Makita and Kou, and how this will affect the story going forward. With only three more episodes to go, I suspect the love triangle between Kou, Futaba, and Makita will be resolved before too much longer.

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