The primary focus of Episode Nine is on the views of two different groups in regards to the Freemums. Honey’s father believes that instead of using their abilities for the good of the world, they exist without purpose in the world. I got the impression by the end of his impassioned speech that he feels something has to be done in regards to all Minimum Holders, not just the Freemums. This includes his own daughter, but it was made clear in an earlier episode that there’s really no love lost between these two.

On the other side, the Freemums are trying to recruit other stray Minimum Holders. One of the Freemums uses his ability to create food that will enthrall the newcomers. And then Art is sent on stage to deliver an impassioned speech, which causes the stray Minimum Holders to join their cause.

It was during Art’s speech that the intercutting between Art and Honey’s father was the most effective. This really helps to show just how wide of a chasm there is between the two opinions. These scenes also helped to truly make it clear to the audience that the climax of the series will have to be coming sooner rather than later.

But I’d been under the impression that Art wants to take away Minimum Abilities, so why is he helping the Freemums recruit members? Unless Art’s plan is to gather as many Minimum Holders together in one place and find a way to take away all of their powers at the same time?

When it comes to the Hamatora crew, Honey and Three tell them that they will be participating in a play for a children’s festival at a local shopping district. The festival is being organized by the organization that took in Three’s orphans after his orphanage was burned to the ground. It’s decided that they will do a play of the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, with Hajime cast as Princess Kaguya. From what rehearsals we see in the episode, it looks like it’s a wacky telling of the story!

For the most part, the play almost felt like “time kill” for the episode. However, near the end of the rehearsal, Nice does something that seems to indicate that he has feelings for Hajime. This was a rather sweet moment, and it was the most important part of the rehearsals for the play. But shortly after this, it appears that there’s something wrong with Birthday.

So we’re at a point where we have the stray Minimum Holders ready to do battle, while Honey’s father and his ilk are ready to take them down. Personally, I don’t see this ending very well for Honey’s father and his group.

And for the Hamatora gang, Hajime appears to have been affected by what happened to her back in Episode Eight. Murasaki has now lost his Minimum Ability, and Birthday’s not in very good shape, either, not to mention all the side effects they’re having from using their Minimum Abilities. It’s starting to feel like that all hope is lost for the Hamatora crew, but somehow, I think they’ll find a way to turn things around. I have no idea how, but I suspect they’ll come up with something.

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