In Episode Eight, we see that Ayumu’s mother is having trouble dealing with the fact that her son is an esper. When we see the two of them talking together, she is obviously drunk, and she’s much more concerned about how this will affect her career than in how becoming an esper is affecting her child. Ayumu ends up spending the remainder of the episode in his room. Near the end, he gets a surprise visit from Peggy, who brings him a gift from Murasaki. She claims to be doing this as thanks for what he did in Episode Seven, but I wonder if she might actually have some feelings for him.

Ayumu hasn’t officially joined up with Rinka and the others at this point, but I suspect that he soon will be. I think that will end up happening if something happens to his mother, such as her throwing Ayumu out of the house or her being killed or something.

A lot of the episode focuses on Minami trying to recruit espers to join her father’s cause. In order to join, one must show the power of their ESP by murdering someone. Rinka ends up getting mixed up in this when a potential recruit targets her. Let’s just say it doesn’t go as well as the recruit thought it would.

Speaking of Rinka, she spends a bit of time in the episode reminiscing about Kyotaro and missing him. Kyotaro makes another attempt to escape by using Minami’s ability, but he’s the one who ends up surprised when Minami tells him he can go. Rinka and Kyotaro are reunited when school starts back up again, but there’s a foreshadowing that Minami and her troops are going to attack the school.

While I was happy to see that Kyotaro was released, I have a suspicion that something isn’t quite right. It just seems that Kyotaro was able to get his freedom a little too easily. Will there turn out to be some strings attached to his release that the audience doesn’t know about? Or will something happen when Minami attacks the school that will cut Rinka and Kyotaro’s reunion short?

With the way Episode Eight ends, there are several different ways that this story can go. I’m looking forward to seeing Episode Nine in order to find out exactly how Tokyo ESP will continue.

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