Creative Intelligent Arts’ science-fiction anime Under the Dog met its Kickstarter goal of US$580,000 on September 4, 2014. As of this writing, the campaign still has two days to accept backers.

With the success on Kickstarter, the team hopes to expand with more projects in the Under the Dog universe. Stretch goals include up to two prequels, a Los Angeles premiere, and if US$5.1 million is pledged, the project will shift to a feature-length film.

The finished product will be in Japanese with English subtitles, and also include the original soundtrack and behind-the-scenes diaries and interviews. The Kickstarter campaign announced last week that backers who pledge $20 or more will have digital access to this and any future Under the Dog episodes.

The creators are also in talks with Netflix and Crunchyroll to distribute the finished work.

Source: ANN